Friday, October 14, 2011

When will we EVER Learn?

Rain, Rain. I fantasized all day about eggs benedict I saw in the window of Cafe Heaven yesterday, so this morning we got up, got dressed and walked there in the rain, am I spoiled or what? The cafe is an adorable place with maybe a dozen tables. Our “hot” waiter was “as sweet as he could be” and the eggs benedict, well you judge, they were as good as they looked. Our sweet waiter even took a awesome photo of my delicioius breakfast for me to use to blog. Home made english muffins, ham, perfectly poached eggs and a delightful hollandaise sauce (liberally laced with lemom pepper, I think) made my wishes come true!

Thoroughly saturated we got back on the road headed for Salem, I wanted to see how witches work. One can not read the quanity of romance novels I have, withough encountering a few witchy romances. Getting to the Salem Witch Museum needed a spell of its own! The residents don't seem to appreciate the revenue and there were about a thousand posted no parking signs around in various forms. Finally we found parking and got into the museum, just in time for the 2:00 showing. The museum is in what appears to be an old church, which could have offended me, however the message is a resonate one to my spirit. The message of fear + scapegoat = horrors So while the main part of the museum story was about the Salem Witch Trials themselves, at the end there was a talk about the origins of witchcraft (sounded ike sister nurses to me). There was more talk about the times in the history of man that humans have reacted out of fear and done horrible things. Jesus, Joan of Arc, The Inquisition, The Salem Witch Trials, World war II, Japanese interment camps, McCarthy, and HIV/AIDs. So if a little peace and understanding comes to the visitor of this museum, housed in an old church, so be it. Jodi wondered, as did I where on the timeline would our current war be and how would it look when it gets there.

Lunch was an interesting affair. We had finally parked in a parking garage and in the entrance level was a mall type affair with a few places to eat. We had a sandwich, me a apple, carmalizzed onion, chicken and swiss, Jodi a veggie panning, she said was good.

We arrived in Glouceter to drizzle and gloomy skies. The Harborveiw Inn sits right across the street from the water and we have vies of the harbor. The house is laced by an lovely garden which is still in flower and the rooms holds antique furniture, artwork and seems to be cozy. We ended out our afternoon relaxing together in our room with a view.

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