Friday, October 14, 2011

Trollies, Towers & Tones

Yesterday in Provinctown was an adventure for sure. We stayed in the Bayberry Inn and the Owner had indicated that there would be a coffee pot with coffee ready to go for the first person up, which apparently happened to be me. I made coffee, all ready for a wonderful cup of java, only to find seriously healthy foods in the fridge and no cream. So I started off the day with a watered version of that luscious java I had been anticipating. I had an english muffin and jam with my coffee, everything else was on the weigth watchers diet and not on mine! After the usual puff and primp we walked downtown to catch the trolley for a little sightseeing. It was an informative trip around Provincetown by a enormous woman who interspersed her infotale with at least 4 sandwiches. She was full of good information though, we learned about the town, the pilgrims and the local flora and fauna. It was wall worth the $15.00 a person. I was seriously starving and Trolly lady had suggested the Lobster Pot for Lobster Bisque, so in we went. To say Jodi is not much of a seafood eater is a gross understatement. She was not enchanted by the sights and smells emanating from the joint, but I was. My soup was good, though I have to say that the Polo Club at home does it better. Jodi had a vegetarian wrap which looked good but she was underwhelmed. Next was a trip to the Pilgrim monument and museum, where we watched "HerStory, a documentary about the women of P Town. IT was good and thought provoking for me, Then at the advice of the Trolly lady, I wondered if she had ever actually done it, we climb to the top of the Pilgrim Monument Tower. It was a awesome view, even though it had clouded up Pretty cool to see the P Town Harbor from one side and the Atlantic Ocean from the other. So frozen that my fingers were white, I wanted a cup of Joe, but all the cute little coffee houses were either closed for the winter or for the day by 5PM. So we went into Bayside Bettys Diner were Jodi had onion rings she deemed good, and I had Banana Bread Pudding swimming in carmel sauce and fresh bananas. I sometimes wonder when will man ever learn that bananas do not bake well into desserts, but yet once again I was treated to tough bananas on the top of what would have otherwise been a scrumptious dessert. So, Betty, leave the bananas out of the oven and slice up more on the side!

At 7 PM we wanted to see a Duo called Blaze and Kelly sing. They had been touted as being similar to the Indigo Girls and a fellow lodger had recommended them for their divine harmony. They were awesome. Mo Kelly reminded me of a singer from my past, Barbara Ann Humphrey, and the harmony was indeed splendid! The only blight on the entire day was the rain that Blaze and Kelly called out of the sky which made for a soggy trip back to the Inn.

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