Saturday, October 15, 2011

Foghorns and Gloucester

Last night the CIty of Gloucester played us a lullaby of foghorns all night long. A tune we both rather enjoyed. The bed here was much comfier than at our previous lodging. We decided since our Whale Watch trip was cancelled because of fog we would take it easy today. Breakfast was a nice spread, but I only availed myself to a piece of yummy blueberry muffiny cake, a baby-bell, juice and coffee. There was much more available though.

Lunch was at a little hole in the wall called Charlies Place, we stopped because there is a laundromat right beside Charlies and we were on a mission for some clean clothes. There was lobster roll on the menu for me and Jodi figured she could do a BLT. So In we went. They have lobster rolls, lobster casserole, boiled lobster, even fried lobster. Seriously, who would fry lobster? Maybe when it is more common, and not so much a treat, one would fry it, but to loose the delicate flavor of lobster to the breading seems sacrilegious to me!

I am still feeling sticker shock over the $3.50 per load of laundry. I know it has been a while but the last time I had to do laundry in a laundromat (Other than Paris). I remember paying I think it was $.50. Have times changed! It would be hard to be clean, or to wear clean clothes, if you had do laundry here every week! Does it cost this much everywhere? I wonder.

The French call window shopping, window licking, this afternoon we drove up the coast, house licking. The old Victorian / Cape Cod style houses on the water were amazing, not as huge as the ones in Newport, but lovely none the less. These homes sat on cliffs that had the atlantic ocean slapping up against it creating great sprays of frothy water in the air. Jodi was on a quest to capture this image and did a reasonably good job of it!

We rambled up the coast of Massachusetts to Rockport, a hint from a fellow traveler earlier in the week. It is a cute little old village right on the water, where we stopped at the Bean & Leaf for a cup of coffee and a treat. It was pretty stinkin good coffee accompanied by a blondie. Jodi thought maybe it was better than Starbucks. High praise that. As we left a rafter of turkeys bid us a picturesque and fond farewell. Jodi had me stopping mid traffic so she could capture a photo, I don't think the citizens of Rockport think much of Hoosiers right about now.

It became foggier and foggier as we returned. I had lobster on my mind, so we came back to the room, made plan and off we went to the Gloucester House. I was a little worried because the clientele made me think of my grandparents. My Caesar Salad was pretty good, the bread was regular wheat bread, but home made, the Lazy mans lobster I settled on was delicious, the twice baked potato, though was a mess. Not being a potato lover that was not so bad for me. Jodi had Pot Roast, with same said potato and she thought her gravy too sweet, I liked it though. I have that savory/sweet thing going on and she does NOT! A walk along the sea wall from end to end, listening to the waves and it was off to bed.

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