Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweatshirts, Purses and Soap

Resting in is one thing we do well, so this morning we finally got out on the streets after noon. As we left the building I realized I had not asked the Concierge to get reservations for dinner, and as we re-entered, two fire trucks pulled up and many firemen got out. I asked if I could actually take the elevator back up, and they all said yes. Jodi wondered if it was smart to take the elevator up with a fire in the building, as we smelled smoke. Odd I thought, until I figured out that someone was stuck in the other elevator. As the stuck person exited, Jodi began taking photos of the rescued maiden quite quickly. We walked back toward Le Papillon for a fare-the-well Bruschetta, stopping here and there to take photos. Jodi was playful with more photography in the windows, taking pictures of me and the both of us in pretty creative ways! In Chinatowns there were some kids playing “Anime”, I think. NO rain, but rather cloudy again, and cool. There is something about people who speak French, they like to post their pooches out side the door of stores! This little fellow, was tied though, so not a real Frenchie! We both ordered the roasted red pepper soup again, followed by Bruschetta for Jodi and mussels for me. The service this time was deplorable, but the soup very good. I tried Jodi’s bruschetta today, with two servings she had a bite to share. It was very good. I wanted more, but had the mussels coming and I did not want to destroy my still present appetite (no breakfast makes for a hungry girl!). We waited and waited, Jodi’s bruschetta was almost gone. When they finally arrived they tasted excellent. The sauce consisted of wine, salmon, mushrooms and cream. But wait, did I mention the grit in the mussels (Moules)? It took me years to actually order them for myself, but at last, thanks to my cooking instructor in Paris, I did. I did not want to make them for one of our meals, but he convinced me that good fresh mussels are not gritty. Well guess what, these mussels were horribly gritty so my “feel good” did not last for long. How DO people eat them that way?

I wanted to go to the Marche BonSecours because one of my friends said it was fun. It was! Jodi found a new purse there, that is very cool. She too, found a hat that is adorable on her. So she has her birthday present a day early. There was a sort of big name designer sale there too, which was very interesting, but also VERY crowded. So we left after we were accosted by a guard wanting to look in our bags. We walked back picking up a souvenir for this or that loved one, occasionally taking photos. One of mine will show up in my valentines next February, I think!

Jodi is out of soap and wanted to look in IGA for her special brand. She didn’t find what she wanted but I hit a gold mine, Jasmine, Lavender, and Lilly of the Valley! Sure hope they wash as good as they smell. One package did not have a UPC and did not scan, so we waited and waited, which I cold tell was making Jodi miserable, hot and tired of standing!

Dinner was to be a encore of Restaurant Julien, which in my opinion has the best Steak Tartare I have had here. We got reservations for 7:30 and came back to the hotel to rest a bit before dinner. Our first trek to the restaurant was difficult, now we know exactly where we are going and get there in 10 minutes. This experience was VERY different from the one a week ago, and might have been spoiled if not for the Maitre d and a another waiter who joked with us some. Out cute little blond waitress was hurried and uninterested in us, she ran around literally like a chicken with her head cut off. IF I could take a video of her home and show it to the ED nurses, she would have been a good example of poor customer service! Jodi ordered Rossinni Filet and I of course ordered Tartare. There were the requisite banana chips, which Jodi said were not as good, they were indeed a little greasy and overly salted. My tartare was as good as before, I will dream of it for a long time! Jodi’s steak came with a dollop of FoisGras, which I obligingly took off her hands, it was good, but it was missing it’s yang. She said her potatoes and beans were insipid, but her steak was good. I am glad because the steak was one of the most expensive things on the menu, and it would have been a pity for some part of her meal not to have been scrumptious!. She comment that her meal was not a good as Ruth's Chris! AUGH, another chain restaurant! We finished up with some tomfoolery over a Birthday Brulee and a cappuccino for me, which did even have the same foam. Jodi often says not to muck it up, if you loved it once, leave it. Maybe we should have.....

Jodi says since I have been enlightened I should just be happier at home now. The Maitre D and the one waiter who was actually paying attention to us, had a conversation about how EVERYTHING is French, French Fries, French Toast and Creme Caramel. Hmmm.... I wonder why they taste better away from home, maybe it is the French spoken in the background?

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