Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Countdown is on!

It’s time, It’s time It’s time for another visit to my girlfriend!  I have a friend visiting her right now and I am green with envy.  But it was nice to see their photographs on Facebook and live vicariously.  As usual I am SO ready for a break in my work life.  I love my job as a forensic nurse and forensic nursing program coordinator, it is just draining to be on call all the darned time.  There is still enough mystique about Europe though,  that folks leave me alone when I am across the big water!
So this next week will be filled with all the last minute things that it takes in order to be ready to be gone.  My angel of a mother will stay here with the fur-kids so not only will they be loved on by someone I totally trust, but also someone will be in and out of my house.  We are packing to cary on, and that is a ever challenge with the mentality of the airlines.  But I think I have that area “licked” too!  The biggest concern right now it that the ONLY time I could get a mani-pedi prior to my departure was 10:00 day of our departure.  So I am hoping that Tammy is prepared and not in a dawdling mood that day.
The twist this time is that we are taking Joey and Austin with us.  This is Joey’s graduation gift a year late.  Traveling with 20 year old men will be a  novelty for me, and I am sure for them as well.  Joe is experienced, but this is a new adventure for Austin.  Unless I am dead wrong, though, Austin is a pretty laid back kid. 
Austin had to save money to pay for his own airfare, food and entrance fees.  I am so proud of him has he has managed to belly up to the bar. It was looking dicey to me for a while. I am not sure that I would have had the cash money to do that at 20!  To quote my favorite mystic:  “All will be well".

So, nine, count ‘em, nine days to go!