Thursday, June 7, 2018

Making it worse - On my Way Home

I hate leaving Paris,  It makes me feel frazzled, grumpy and a little,  triste.    IT is always a goat rodeo at the airport to leave Paris which is part of the frazzle, and this trip was no exception.  I got a confirmation e mail from Delta indicating that the flight was an Air France flight, and the short of it is, that I ended up in a Air France website which said it could not give me any information.  Arriving at the airport I went to Air France, and queued and waited, and got my boarding pass and then queued and waited and on and on, I got shuffled to 4 different gates before I was in the right place and got rid of my bag, then security again, and then Schengen Contorl, and then security and then another check, though no, I did not need to be there, I was already checked, and then another check..  I was waiting on body cavity searches, I had been security checked so much, my boarding pass was nearly in tatters.  Then I get on the plane and I am in the last damn row, seriously?  IT is bad enough to be leaving Paris, and this?  
This morning I got up and ran to the market to find more honey drops for Jodi, I had searched all over Paris to no avail and I was hoping that the honey man would be there and he was!

I am always struck by the beauty of the produce here, the multicolored tomatoes, the steaks of root veggies, and the flirty boys!
I Picked up a croissant in the market from a vendor and raced back, I had an hour before I thought SImone was supposed to be there to check me out, and as I approached the house she was letting herself in!  I went ahead and ate my breakfast as I had everything I needed and /or wanted to use up!  Comte cheese, the rest of an orange, a croissant and cherry jam, and coffee with delicious cream!

Anyway, now I am all tucked into the airplane seat,  grateful to be moved up a row and all alone in this row!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Misty. - Day 8

Last days are hard for me, What if this is my lat time in Paris, what is the one thing I still want to do, my mind whips back and forth and I nearly lose track of the actual day First tings first, box to the post and a trip for a croissant, well another rolled up almonds thingy, not sure what they are called, but they are delish!
Then, with gray skies threatening more rain, I decided it just had to be the Medici Fountain in Luxembourg gardens, so off I went to the Cluny Sorbonne Metro Stop and meandering down Boulevard St. Michel. 
Licking the windows (French slang for window shopping) until I got to an area where not one but 2 eating establishments were closed!  That sort of bummed me out, and then I wondered if I could open the cuter of the two and make a go of it?  Nah probably not, but still.......
I fiddled and fiddled trying to figure out perspective and how to manage what I wanted to accomplish.  I think one problem I have is that I dan not drew a worth a darn! Anyway, the rain held off, and I painted agin, this one took much longer, but then the subject is somewhat detailed too.

After I got hungry and decided ( serendipitously) to the west side of the garden, where I usually do not depart.  I was glad when I ran across an art exhibition open to the public,

and glider still when I saw a new Angelina attached to the back of the Chateau!
I decided to splurge and do Tea.  They were our of mini pastries so I had to settle for 4 macaron, darn! 

It was a cool day, I was a bit underdressed and the  hot chocolate was as amazing as ever and wonderfully warm!  THe sandwiches were a twist of a croque Monsieur, salmon and cream cheese and a croissant filled with a cream cheesy - chivey stuff.  Wonderful, and the macarons were tasty too, though I took 2 home with me for tomorrow.
I meandered to St Sublice, lit a candle for M&M and rendered more prayers for their family.  

I headed back to the house via Notre Dame,
settled down a bit and headed back to the 6th ( virtually where. I had just been). I hope dinner was to be at the Bistro d’ Henri, but he had no place for me.  I was crushed.  :(    I was sent around the corner to his sister restaurant Le Machon d’Henri, I was not going to go, but I was simply pulled in!  I am glad I allowed that pull to get the best of me!  I was seated and soon a couple sat next to me.  They were delightful dinner companions.  They are from Toronto, she is an artist, he a MD so we had a great interesting dinner, sharing our art, she encouraging me to paint and sell cards, talking medicine.......  I do remember what I ate, a goat cheese salad, Dick Breast of course and I have to say the honey sauce was even more delicious here, mashed potatoes ( my only disappointment ). I was stuffed so no dessert. 
I wandered back towards the Siene, in a fine drizzle,  to bid my girlfriend adieu.  One think I noticed is that I did even more wandering without a map and without fear of getting lost. 
That doesn’t mean I always knew exactly where I was, but it means that I know Paris well enough to not worry about needing to get out the phone, ask directions of get a map to get where I wanted to go or to get home.  Not many people on Pont Neuf, 

I found a spot and considered a quickie and going home, but the rain had stopped and it was 9:40, only 20 minutes until she would wink at me! 

While I waited I put this in my phone:  “I am standing here on pint neuf waiting for my other girlfriend to wink at me.  It’s 9:50 misty, (Kind of like I am feeling right now) slightly breezy,  and the skyline is all grays.  I am always so sad do my last day to come,  just like you can’t pick the people you love I have not been able to not love this city,  metro guards,  steps and slow waiters aside. I love this city! “

Au Revoir mon autre amour!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Painting Plein Air - Day 7

Today I had to get up and going as I had a lesson at 10:00.  That may not sound difficult but it feels that everything takes longer here.  I am not sure if life here takes more time or if I am just out of my element and so it takes ME longer. Regardless, ran to the Boulangerie with the yellow shade.
to get a croissant and have some breakfast, wash dishes and get ready before getting on the Metro to go to my last painting class.  This time I was doing cityscapes, I don’t think he found me a prize student, but it was still fun and I really enjoyed the class, Patrick and his style of teaching. 

He finally let me try a city scape of Paris, but that was rather a bit harder that I would have thought!  
Here is Patricks sample

Here is mine

After Class back to the house after a quick stop at a Boulangerie on my way back for a chicken, leek and mushroom tart, can you say YUM? 
I went to buy a box at the “Post” so that chore was done and then I decided to go to see my girlfriend.  I had not really had a good look at her yet.  I schlepped all my painting stuff and found a reasonable vantage point  from which to pint, after the afore mentioned cityscape fiasco I knew better than to try for the whole thing without a ruler!
As I painted, passerby’s were interesting.  One little girl completely with a sweet little dress and coke bottle bottom glasses came over close, commented nicely and watched me for quite a while.  A father drug his daughter over and wanted to know where I had purchased my paint supplies, so I had red the address of the store.  People would walk up, some thrown their eyes down and others smile approvingly, Bless all their hearts!
There was a slight forecast for rain and I just left praying that is would pass us by and it did! I did not one but two masterpieces!  ;)

I painted until I had a hungry headache
and went back to the house  via Bvd. Pipcus which was another street over rom the house and I wanted to have a look see. 

It is a lovely street and I was searching for food.  Finally I settled on the restaurant on the corner Marco Polo, but the signage and name was a bit misleading.  Yes, there was pasta, about 2 dishes, mostly traditional fare.  My meal of chèvre salad ( there were 6 slices of chèvre,but it was so mild and delish - and not much lettuce, had I only known). steak (He never asked how I wanted it cooked) and peppercorn sauce ( supposed to be Roquefort),
frites and more lettuce but without the chèvre ( I wished I had kept it - I had send about half back as it was just too much without more lettuce) was great but it toooooook.  Threeeeeeee LOOOOOONNNNG hours to eat a three course meal.  I was over it by the end.  Dessert was some concoction on the menu that at least had some berry sorbet that was good for a few bites, I really was over this experience.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Screwed and without a Kiss Day 6

Today I woke up went to the local bakery (I always kinds of find a place and stick with it.This one is literally half a block, if that, away) got a croissant came home and had comte  cheese, herbed ham, croissant with cherry jam, orange slices and a cup of delicious coffee.
 I have the windows open, there is a beautiful grilled window in the door (which makes me feel safe), a window above the sink and a window by the sofa, all of this together had allowed for a lovely breeze all week.  The house sits right on the sidewalk, so I can hear the singer down the street practicing, the pianist behind me practicing (never stop!) classical music, conversations as people pass by, and chatter from the Brasserie that is about 20 ft away.  After Breakfast I went to the market

where I spent a good part of my clothing allowance for the last six months,  just kidding but I did buy myself some cute little summer dresses, mostly casual, but one for wok in the fall.  I also succumbed to two cute little smocked dresses for the girls.  The  apricots were the loveliest hue of red I have ever seen and I just wanted to pick up the goat cheese display and take it home!    Then I got back to the apartment, powered my nose, and went to the art store (Le Geant Des Beaus-Arts - 166 rue de la Roquette) that the Patrick  had instructed me to go to and it was amazing I have never been to an art store this amazing we do not have anything like it at home. I wanted to just stay and look and look and look however time marches on and I had to go to my class.  I got 15% off (because Patrick gave me a form that says I am his student). though that was pretty exciting.  I was naughty here too, but I felt like an alcoholic in a liquor store!  I’ve tried some new papers and some new brushes in a couple more tubes of paint that I was admiring.  I like this part of town too, near the Volatire Metro stop.   Then it all came crashing down.  On the way to my painting class the metro police were stopping people at the Bastille exit from the Metro and I am very graciously (and self confidently I must add) handed the guard/police/cop (whatever) my metro pass and he informed me that it was an infraction and I was astounded and tried to explain that I just bought it, that have been handed back to me like this and he told me that I was cheating.  It was awful I was furious he was not being helpful and told me that I can either pay him the $35 in there on the spot or I could pay the police $100 make up my mind.  So I paid the 35 Euro.  I’m not done with this yet but I was so mad that by the time I got to my art class I was sweating, heart was pounding, and I was about in tears. When I got to art class, after explaining what happened and why I was late, things began to settle down and  I am doing washes which I wonder if it isn’t something I should’ve done to begin with. However I am doing washes

and and it’s fun and it’s also fun to watch him.  
I’m not doing anything exciting but being in the class is fun , interacting with other like minded people is fun and so it is worth it.  Back to the apartment time for a glass of wine and some of my delicious goat cheese chips and then back out to go to Le Bisto de L’Estrapade,
to the reservation I had for a restaurant where last year I had a delicious pear in Roquefort sauce however this year they did not have it but instead they had an amazing ravioli entrée
the main was veal and celery root purée

followed by chocolate lava cake a nice stroll later
and  I’m home dry
 and feeling the fresh air of a cool rain

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wet Washed - Day 5

Still not feeling quite normal I slept until about noon got up decided I better do something with my day and not sure what that was gonna be looked at my handy dandy little planning book and decided to go to the Atelier de la Lumiere. 
I was thinking maybe I was a bit hungry though so I decided to stop for lunch, pizza sound of the best me that’s never hurt anybody with my situation so I stopped and had  ham and mushroom pizza,
pretty good the owner was not very happy that I left half of it but I was pretty pleased that I managed to eat half of it. From there I went onto the atelier, it is currently hosting a exposition of new stuff and it was very interesting. It is a old foundry that they have cleaned out and placed lights all over so that there are reflections of surrounding movie in the entirety of the building except for the ceiling. Klimt came to my attention when I watched a movie about the niece of one of the sitters and the Gustav Klimt painting that had belonged to her family and they lost it in the war and she wanted to back.  It was a very good movie, Helen Mirren played the niece. 
And so I wanted to go to the exposition, it was amazing and I would do it again.
It was $14 maybe $14.50 I bought my ticket ahead online and I walked right in.
There was no place to set though so if you are a sitter there were maybe a dozen places to sit in the entire place. 
From there I went back to the apartment tried to refresh myself a little bit and it was about time to go to my first painting class. Finding the Atllier de La Villa Bastille was a bit difficult however for once my daddy would have been proud and I was early,  rue, Charenton sort of stops and starts, bit once I got there I sat down and had a glass of white wine while I was waiting. It was a bit difficult to get in as we had miscommunication about when I was doing classes so he was not expecting me, there was a door code and I did not have that like code but once I got there everything was good.  The painting class was interesting in that it felt like a step back he had me doing washes, 
wet washes,  trying to plan colors and he’s not easy to please however I enjoyed the class.  Halfway through everybody takes a quick coffee break,  then everyone goes back to painting. There’s a young woman in class who is from Sweden it’s very interesting to me how similar to German Swedish sounds but she’s very sweet she’s also a beginner so we have that in common after painting class I left it was just starting to sprinkle and THEN God opened the floodgates by the time I got back to the apartment I was wet all the way to my skin not a very comfortable way to end the evening even my watercolor paper was damp in a little curled fortunately my phone stay dry