Saturday, October 22, 2011

Travel Lovin Daddy's Birthday

Today is my fathers Birthday. My love of travel is something I attribute to him. WHile both of my parents love to travel, my memories of him when I was a child and getting ready for vacation are ones of great joy and suspense. He was always so happy to be getting ready to go! I believe this may have been an inherited trait as my memories of my grandparents are that they too loved to travel a well.

Conferencing today was BUSY, I rarely saw Jodi, but this led to some interesting results! She went on a photo safari and got some great graffiti shots. She thinks it all very interesting. She was taking to a guy in one of the parking lots, they wondered together how they paint in some of the places they do, how do they access their canvas. Much of it is too intricate to do in one sitting. Regardless she got some awesome photos.

Lunch today was the afore mentioned dreadful fish meal at the conference. Again I am starving. After some discussion we decided to see the light show at the Basilica, rather than try the food and wine event in the mall here at the hotel. Hitting the drizzle, AGAIN, we purchased tickets for a mere $15.00 a piece and went off in search of food. Another restaurant that i had been salivating over was restaurant Bonapart, but I did not think that it was going to be in my future. But who knew it is right around the corner from the Basilica? After sending pleading eyes Jodi's way, I had to be supplicant again to the maitre d as the only table for 2 available at 7 p.m. needed to be empty by 8PM, that was good with me as our tickets were for 8:30PM/ We each ordered soup, potage de legume for Jodi and Lobster BIsque for me. Neither of were raving about this bastion of culinary delight at this moment though the accompanying bread was good, as was the house red. Jodi’s salad was a salad according to her, but my mushroom raviolis, were a taste of heaven! LIght pasta concealing coarsely diced mushrooms covered with a delicate buttery sage sauce, left me feeling that transported into a perfect epicurean moment!

The “And then there was light” show at the basilica Notre dame, was really a history of the basilica. I went in hoping for a musically cultural event, and it fell short. But to be honest on consideration of the other “Lumeriers” I had attended it really was similar. Unless one is intent on photography in the church, it was a good expenditure and I wished we had not gone in earlier in the week, but saved our time for this event.

Chilled by the walk home it felt good , but not as good as the ravioli, to get back to the omnipresent Hyatt and into bed. I say omnipresent, because so far we have not really lost sight of the Desjardin tower that houses the hotel. That is comforting!

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