Thursday, October 20, 2011

It just isn’t Paris, But it is a good Substitute! Montreal day 2

Another lazy morning, I played on the computer and got caught on the blog while Jodi caught up on her beauty sleep. I ordered a double pot of coffee so I wold have some real cream for my coffee, wow! It was more costly than a good Starbucks, but not as good even though it is touted to be Starbucks coffee. It was worth it though because apparently Jodi thought she needed a lot of beauty today as she slept for a very long time, and I was feeling the pinchers begin to grow.

When we finally got out and about, of course, food was a priority! We ended up at a little place called Pappillion, where Jodi had bruschetta she deemed good,which for her gives it at least 2 if not 3 stars! I had a roasted red pepper soup which I deemed good as well. After we wandered toward the Notre Dame Basilica, which we had heard was a must do. We made our way in and out of several souvenir shops. I purchased a red had which reminds me of one I bought in Paris. LOVE it! We went into one Christmas shop that reeked of a familiar smell that I could not quite put my finger on, which irritated the heck out of me when I figured it out. Let’s just say the staff seemed to he having a herbal essence sort of a day, and leave it at that. There is a $5.00 fee to enter the Notre Dame Basilica, which seemed tacky to me. I understand the need to keep the building up, but what about the church? I don’t know it just felt wrong to pay to get into a church, I don’t know why I am being so hard on them, I think we pad to get into Westminster Abby, but it did not really feel like a church, like this place did. Anyway it is lovely and worth a look. After The church I wasw ready for coffee and a snack, so we headded back to a little palce I had spied on the way into the old city. Dinner this evening was another French Restaurant, Alexandre and Fils, where I ordered Steak Tartare again! Jodi ordered a vegetarian panini, but to her horror it was made with rye bread and she only ate the guts. the restaurant was interesting in that they allowed me t0 try my $11.00 glass of wine before I purchased it, and they allowed me to taste my steak tartare as they were preparing it, apparently here they like it"hot" and had consistently asked me how I would like it prepared, this was a first though. A pleasant stroll back, stopping to purchase some music at a large store; where when IAFN was in Vancouver I first encountered Sarah Harner, I had to try something new again!

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