Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Excursions of Newport Rhode Island - not sitting in the street crying.

Seriously, who knew Yale University was in New Haven, Connecticut? We wandered around Yale university appreciating the buildings before heading toward our next destination, Newport Rhode Island. We decided, rather than more quick but boring interstate we wanted to do some wandering. When I was a kid we traveled near the ocean on A1A in Florida. I imagined that, here, 1A would keep us nearer the water, & at least be more interesting, It was! We caught glimpses of water, lovely gardens full of the remnants of summer and picturesque New England homes. We even managed to stumble onto a lighthouse. Only about three stories tall, Jodi wondered about how visible it really was. After much wandering we crossed not one but two incredible bridges and we were in Newport! This night we were to be in jail. the Jailhouse Inn that is. It is a lovely little hotel created from an old jailhouse. Good service, nice rooms, breakfast was included and there are even Chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon. So far this trip had mot been much about great food, not because i did not want it but everything had fell rather flat. The mushroom soup, or rather pudding, the veggie burger; ok the pizza hut pizza was ok good, but otherwise I was really hoping for some good food. We walked down to the water and began looking. Bar 22 was right on the wharf and had outside seating right in the 80 degree sun! A fact I kept telling myself that I needed to enjoy because it could be the last. I had a crab cake swimming in a spicy sauce, covered in finely chopped red onion and accompanied by blue cheese dressing. To accompany this bliss was a tomato sage bisque. The best way I can describe this is to compare it Paneras creamy tomatoe soup, but only 10 times better! Sated at last I was ready to BEGIN this trip! We tried to sign up for a sunset cruise, but alas it was full. We wandered a bit and then decided to have a look at the infamous mansions of Newport. IT was way too much fun. We started driving from Jodi’s memories from a previous trip. Mansions that seem to be able to put the Chateau of the Loire to shame. We ended up sitting in the grass on a sea wall watching the sun go down. It was lovely, the sun going down in front of us and the moon coming up behind.

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