Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Suggested Speed 10-9-11

Driving down I95 at the posted speed limit of 55-mph, I had an epiphany. They don't really mean what they have posted, it must be just a suggestion. Seriously I was the only person driving the powered number, one fellow even felt that he needed to bring it to my attention by a friendly honk as he zipped around me.

We started out our day today with much less color, much more green? But the scenery made up for itself! We were at the top of the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi , as ER rolled over the hill, there ahead of us was a hauntingly lovely valley with clouds nestled in. We got to drive right through those clouds. Later I got to experience the same thing, but this time there was downtown Manhattan! Feeling a little worried about driving in New York, my worries were overwhelmed by the beauty of the vista. The amazement at the beauty quickly faded at the rubbish lying there along the road. I drove across THE George Washington bridge! That was a kick, if I could avoid the rubbish filled roadway and just gaze at the bridge I could even say it was beautiful.

The owner of the Farnham B&B was not here and I had planned on picking her brains for dinner recommendations. We stopped a lash getting groceries out of her car and she told us to head downtown, and not to loiter in her neighborhood, it was not so good!

We ended up at Claires, a veterinarian (oops a freudian slip- I meant vegetarian) cafe. I had been considering a vege burger for a while and this seemed to be the time to try it, but well, not a do over. So far this trip has not been a culinary delight.

The Farnham B&B is rather off the beaten track, but Jodi said that she felt it was rather noisy sleeping. To be fair it was lovely outside and the windows were open, my favorite sleeping weather, but noisy!

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