Friday, October 3, 2014

Duck Massacre at the Duk.

I am pooped.  When I was 16 i wanted to take multiple languages and be a tour guide.  I got a taste of that today, that and a taste of more getting lost.  After another yummy breakfast at La Rosarie, we headed for Caen today. Tomorrow we will spend the day at various D-Day sites and I wanted The Kids to have a idea of what we were seeing and why.  On the way we stopped at Mc Donald's for Deans BD, he was pleasantly surprised.  

I am not a wrap sort of girl, it irritates me when I am fed them instead of a sandwiches at luncheons, but Mickey D's has a goat cheese wrap that was actually a do over!   Back on the road, we arrived at the war memorial to drop off The Kids and to my surprise there was a new statue of a sailor kissing a nurse, that classic D-day pose.  It was asesome!  
They had it right down to the seams on her white hose!  Jodi and I were on a mission that I thought would be easy, find a store, get some coke, water, and hairspray, and fill up the gas tank.  Easy it was not, we did the whole perifique (the loop) of Caen, and finally Jodi talked me into asking about the diesel we could not find, the girl at the check out at the gas station said she did not know, to ask at the service station, and that man said gazol and diesel were the same.  The consequences of putting the wrong fuel in the car wre pretty enormous so Jodi had the bright idea of looking up gazol in my French dictionary, problem solved, now to fill it up.  We with much ado filled it as full as it would go, then found a store and lastly another Golden Arches trip , the bathroom for me a coke light with EXTRA ice for Deans Birthday!  We picked up The Kids late and went on to Benoville, where Pegasus Bridge is located.  
We dropped them off at the Museum there and headed for a coffee and goodie at the Gondree cafe.  I love this little place, I love the history, but it seems to be rewriting itself.  Jodi really couldn't find any info about the father spying during the war.  Boo Hoo Hoo.  
We did get to the bridge go up and a sail boat sashay down the Orne.  

We picked up The Kids and headed to the beach, just so they could see it.  then Jodi talked me into stopping and it was pretty cool.  I have never seen the tide out so far and you could really see the Mullberrys!  

We stopped at Arromanches too and then made our way to the B&B,  Le Manoir De Quesnay.  It is an amazing place, It has been in the family since the 1500's 

We are on the third floor and getting my suitcase up the tiny spiral stone staircase was a feat! Then room is charming, and I am thrilled.  

We went to dinner at a place in Bayeaux, La Taverne Des Ducs.  It is a pity that a poor duck gave his life to be treated the way this place cooked my duck breast.  There sould be a french law against it.  
The wine they served me at the highest of the three prices available  was probably usable in the car for fuel!  My experience was suckey, but the birthday boy got a steak and he was happy!  So for today that is good enough.  But seriously don't even go to this place unless you are starving!  Bon Nuit.

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