Friday, October 3, 2014

Bragging Rights

I am now the possessor of bragging rights!  I drove through downtown Paris, around the Arch d'Triumph, dropped off The Kids at the apartment and returned the car to the Gare Du Lyon.  
The morning started out peacefully with more of the best yogurt I have ever eaten, accompanied by good coffee, a croissant fruit and cheese. 

I really liked the Manior du Quesnay.  This place definitely would be an awesome place to go for a week of R & R!  It was peaceful lovely and the hosts were very kind and attentive without  being intrusive.  
And the drive into town was peaceful, well sort of.  We stopped at an Autoroute for lunch and Kathy decided to do the cafeteria thing. 
The rest of us went to Paul. Quiche for me. Pizza for Dean and a croissant for Jodi.  As we were laying Kathy approached with her tray and the young thing at the register started laughing at Kathy and telling her something.  Kathy did not understand, and I became irritated with the little twit as she just turned into a donkey, braying and talking louder.  I finally said, you can be that way all you wish, but she will not understand, now what it the problem? So she told me that Kathy HAD to eat in the cafeteria dining room.  I pray for the twit that when she is about 56, she gets to go to America and she innocently does something wrong, and some little snot laughs at her.  grrrrr.

I can not begin to describe the utter chaos of driving around the Arc de Triomphe.  But Alex, the owner of the B&B and Siri both indicated I shoud shoot straight through town, so with a very large gulp, We did.  

The apartment is lovely, the steps not overwhelming, and the living room area is large. 
 The layout is odd, sort of loop around a tiny courtyard.  
Also this apartment is definitely to for children, the disabled,or infirm.  
We got stuff put away and The Kids choose to stay close to the apartment.  I was aching to get out in the streets of the city I love!  
So we went for Pizza at Del Arte.  And we strolled some.  

It is funny, I know the Metro so well and there is just enough time I between visits that I have to get my bearings again.  Ahhhh, it is good to be here again.  

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