Sunday, October 5, 2014

Another Last Day in Para(Paris)dice

Golly my last day in Paris and I was lazy again after the pace of the first part of the trip. 
I think I am just pooped.  the Kids get up and out fairly early and we have time laying in time.  I packed my box, and then we took it to ship,
I found the lady at the Bruleerie   Duval open, and the place is just as ratty as ever, but she had my tea I. One of four or five boxes sitting on the floor,  at least I knew if was fresh from the company!  So I have some Paul and Virginie tea to last until we meet again.  Funny, I lucked it out because it looked like a word I use at work a lot and ended up loving it!
Then we entered the Metro at the Bastille and went towards the Eiffel Tower via my formerly favorite market.  
It is a mess,  no longer under the Metro platform,but all along the street in a haphazard manner.  I felt dejected.  Hungry, looking for a sandwich and wanting some peace, we headed towers the Champs Du Mars, only to find it all crapped up too!  We eventually found a snack bar, got some food and a reasonable view of my girlfriend.  
But the background notice of the workers was distracting. 
I knitted some, Jodi and I took photos, and we just lingered.  
It was a beautiful warm fall afternoon.  
I had a hair appointment for 5PM and it was an adventure.  I think I have the vocabulary down and then have a hard time with it,  but the young lady who cut my hair was cute,and I really like my cut.  
Not terribly different, but enough so I feel freshened up and not a little sassy!
Jodi hung out in the Place du Voges while I was getting my hair cut and we both talked about the demonstrations we had experienced.
Jodi was feeling my pain in our immanent departure.
There was a cute little clothing store under our apartment and I had been meaning to stop in all week, so we did and to my great surprise the prices were good, and the tops fit!  Jodi talked, yet it is ALL her fault, me into three tops and tried for a fourth, but even I............
For dinner we went to Le Caveau en l'Isle. I thought everyone could find something and it worked out pretty well, even though the fondant was a molleux and not fondant.  
My duck was o.k., 
And Jodi had a vegetables plate.  
Dean had his 15th steak but said it was good.  I talked m into getting Bernaise sauce on the side and at least tasting it. It was BAD!  So not a find, really.  

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