Friday, October 3, 2014

Breathing it all in

This morning Kathy, Dean and I went to the market, but we just got there and I looked around and The Kids were gone.  They are big kids so I thought they would be o.k.  
I gloried in the tangy smells of fresh cheese, the salty odor of the fish, and the flowers piled up for sale.  
I flirted with the sellers, one man giving me a cadeau of an extra figue and another giving me a taste of sweet juicy mango.  Mango, which, i usually hate but was so tender and sweet that i had to go back and buy one for breakfast.  I enjoyed hearing my "Un Euro" man holler out his song and the sound of French all around me.  
The sights are darker, not so spring / summer, but the lovely dark shades of teal, brown and dark rose. I bought grapes, cheese, ham and croissants for breakfast.  When I was ready I had still not ran across The Kids and piddled until i bought some finger puppets for the girls.  Still no Kids, and at last Dean came running up, they had gone back to the apartment and found me not there.  

After a foofey breakfast of fruit, cheese, ham, and bread, we headed for Notre Dame.  One of the themes of this trip feels like "CHANGE".  The service used to be partly in English, French, Italian and Spanish, and while the bulletin is translated for folks can follow, it is all in French now.  I was able to follow MOST of it, not being Catholic makes it a little hard, because I don't know all the ropes.  
After we walked to Le Fleur en Isle for a goodie, but no one really seemed to appreciate it but me.  O had my yummy hot chocolate that comes: milk in a pot, melted chocolate in a pot, and not with a meringue.  It was fabulous!  
Jodi agreed to share a millefeuille with me but after we had ordered I noticed that they had a Apple and Pear Gratin!  
Oh Joy, oh bliss, it was a reincarnation of their old Pear Gratin that was my bliss!  Jodi's millefeuille came with raspberry sauce and I dipped my meringue in it.  with the Cocoa, the meringue and my gratin, I was just in lingual heaven.  
This young couple getting it just right.
Jodi and I went back to the room and messed around a bit, straightened, showered, and so on.
Now we are sitting in Luxembourg Garden, music playing in the background, the song of water playing closer, birds, children and people speaking a plethora of languages all around.  IT is evening, the air is cool and it is very pleasant.  MIght we see this young couple at Notre Dame next time we are here?
For dinner we went to Bistrot d'Henri and I was not disappointed in what was to be one of the best meals of the trip. Jodi had a green bean salad and I had pate de fois gras,  both were excellent, followed by ravioli for Jodi and duck breast in honey sauce for me.  
I am thrilled to be redundant and say that this was excellent too!

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