Friday, October 3, 2014


Kathy and I felt like royalty this morning as she, Dean and I had croissants, emmentaler, fresh yogurt and fruit.  

This place is amazing, Our room is on the thirs floor with a spiral stone staircase. 

There is a large stone fireplace across from the bed which has a drop leaf table on Jodi's side of the bed and a night stand on my side.  

There are small windows with tiny places to kneel and look out, or very small people could sit there in the window sill.  

The ceiling is beam and there is a stone carving in one corner of the room as well as faces carved in the fireplace.  

We first went to Port en Bessin where the owner of Le Quesnay, Jacques, made reservations for our dinner this evening at Le Mariner Hotel.  After we scopped that out we headed to the American Cemetary.  I ALWAYS manage to mis the entrance and how after all this time I do not know.  Regardless, in the five years since we have been here it has changed.  There is a new entrance/museum area which is, for once, a good use of our tax dollars!  It made all of those crosses much more personal.  I was in there less than five minutes and I felt a bubble of grief welling up, and carried that feeling through the whole place!  I look at those crosses and think of the loss, not only of the life of that person and what they could have brought to the world, but also of their families and the grief their loss left back home.  It was interesting how we talked about the senselessness of war on the way in and then had a bit different sort of conversation on the way out.  Without the sacrifice of all of those men and women our world today could be very different.  

The beach front area there always feels so serene, it is a holy place now.
We found a cidre place, which was lucky because our usual place was FERME!
But what we found was delicious and we drank it later at the beach!! 

Then we moved on to pont du hoc, to have a better look at some bunkers and craters left by the Americans.  It was one of the highlights of my day as a group of students from Brown, thought I was a French lady!  I had to have some fun with them, so asked where they were from, and they said the states I said in my best Hoosier accent "Yes, I gathered that, but from where", they all laughed.  Pont su hoc amazes me, I can not even begin to imagine climbing up  the cliff even without enemy gunfire, let alone with it coming at you.   
Then we went to St. Mere Eglise via Mc Donald's, I was trying to be nice because we were going to a foofey dinner.  The thing I have noticed in the last five years is the commercialism of the D-Day area.  The first time I was at point du Hoc we drove right up, and each time I have returned it has changed and today there were at least a dozen guides plying their tales as we wandered. St Mere Eglise has a several new museums as well as there is a big "Overlord" museum outside the American Cemetary.  It makes me sad, even though I applaud the new entrance to the American Cemetary.  

We got euros which took a while because the lady in front of me could not figure out how to work the ATM.  
Then we drove to the beach, looked for shells, and generally fooled around.  I found a few lovely shells for the pond!  The tide was WAY out which is something I have not seen before here, It must have something to do with the time of the year, I need some time and tide lessons!
I thought this was a nice use for an old bunker!  It says: "Who changes the children, changes the world."
Dinner at La Marine was yummy, melon soup with ham on the side, a pork, prune and carrot dish followed by a dessert Jodi picked out, which was a good choice.  

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