Friday, October 3, 2014

Shopping and the Moulin Rouge

Today was another lazy morning, we left and bought a box,
then walked toward BHV looking for perfume for me and Gwen, I got lucky and she did not.  I had saved my BD money and so I will come home smelling French!!!!

i eyeballed a purse, but I did not like the color available and we moved on.  I have been looking and looking for a french waiter wallet to no avail, but did get lucky later and found a cheapie with touristy stuff on it that will make me happy for a while to come!  
Then on to G Detour, with a stop for lunch on the way.  
I decided to try a little place that looked like they were just starting out. There was no sign on the building or awning like most, only  a name written on the window.  I ordered potage d'ongion and Fois Gras,  Jodi a milleflois.  We got our food, or rather I got my soup and Jodi her dessert.  My soup was just like you get it in the states, so thick with bread that is was hard to really call a coup and so lacking in cheese that it was difficult to discern.  Jodi's dessert, well let's say had a few presents some apples that looked like from a can. The crust was so puffy that you would have thought it was so e different dessert but not a millifois.  We waited and waited on my fois gras, I finally asked that if it had not been prepared as of yet, I really didn't need it.  To which I was told it was already preparedm but I heard the waiter on the phone asking someone where it was.   So clearly there was none in the house.  On some level, I can appreciate quick purchases to ensure freshness, I can not appreciate that he lied to me.  
When it arrived at last it was swimming in a pool of brown purred  stuff that tasted like puréed kidney beans.  Still in the spirit of assisting a fellow cooking type persons suggested to the waiter that maybe some tension between the flavors might be more interesting,  to which he just acted offended.  He informed me that everyone loved it.  O.K., but where is everyone, we we're one of 2 tables taken in the place.  NO good deed goes unpunished!  
Then we went to G Detou for some vanilla and chocolate perles, dextrose, well.........  I had a list.  But I only got the vanilla and the chocolate perles.  I  HOPE I can order the dextrose online because it only came in a kilo package.  
Now I am beginning to be loaded down.  But on we went to the 5th where I had seen a touristy purse and wallet that needed to come home with me.  I have been looking for months for some new bathroom accessories.  I just have not found anything that this my hot button, until we were in another little souvenir shop and there they has just what I have been looking for! Along with all the other necessary other presents for home, we were really weighted down now, and decided to spend some time in the park behind Notre Dame.  
There was a daddy with his son there:  they played soccer, swang, and talked to other families present.  He was so tender with his son.  
I tried to ge the little chap to play with me, but he was too shy.
Jodi wasnt too shy to play though!  
Eventually we had to wander home and we decided to walk.  
I had a chocolate ice cream for dinner as we are going to the Moulin Rouge tonight.  
I went to a show who I was a kid with grandma, part of our "tour".  But have not been in the years since,and Jodi was not so excited. I told her to get ready to enjoy some T & A because we had the tickets and they were not cheap.  
I did not know anything about arriving, so we left an hour early. Got to the taxi stand and there was a long line.  Worried to pieces that they would not seat us if we were late I internally fusses and fussed. At last a cab appeared with a green light on top and we got in.  The first words out of his mouth were it is three euro extra for a fourth person, I said do I need to leave someone behind?  Seriously, What is one going to  do about it?  Pick one person to leave behind?  Our time together does not start well.  Then he asked where we were going and I tell him, mind you this would to have been on my list of things to do tone begin with.  This arrogant ass laughs and says "tourists",  now he has made me so angry that I am unable to speak.  I am sure the anger radiated off me me I was so furious,  those tourists make up a huge part of the Parisian economy. I finally relaxed enough to face forward again and when we got there I told him. I would like to see him make a living without tourists!
The Moulin Rouge was interesting and as much as a glimpse of LauTrecs era might be nice, I was glad for the AC and no smoking rules.  
My favorite segments we're a ventriloquist  with a little white dog ( it was precious) and the can-can!
Oh and the champagne that came with,  enough said.    
Everything became very funny and we had a great cabbie on the way home, patient with my hysterical French.

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