Friday, October 3, 2014

Cookin again

We had a lazy morning followed by trip to Cookin With Class.  The cooking school is in a new location, not the best part of town, but the new space is awesomme.  

I was disappointed to find I had a new teacher, but Alex was funny and I learned a lot from him today.
 We made a millefois, chocolate tarte, chocolate icecream, and caramels.  The class is about 4 hours long, and the new school does not have stools which made it hard to stand that long.  Otherwise the class was delightful.   
 The Kids were home when we got back, and we decided to eat at a place I had found that was just up the street.  I don't know if I said wrong or someone heard wrong, but there was not a restaurant at the address I had in my notebook so we just hit up what was close and it was bad.  I ordered steak tartare and it was insipid, I added tobacco, then wurtze, then I even tried balsamic vinegar to no avail.  
When we got home we found that the restaurant was a block further up the st, and probably open.  Cest la vie.
Dessert was the fruit of my labor.

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