Monday, September 29, 2014

Chenonceaux Evenings

I wrote once abut Chenonceaux mornings, but this one has started out much more mundane.  
We did have another great breakfast in the hotel.  More cafe au lait for me, cereal, eggs and bacon for The Kids.  Yummy croissants for Kathy and I, interestingly enough Dean prefers the "French bread"  aka baguettes.  The Kids needed to do laundry so I asked the waitress in the hotel about a lavondrie and she sent us to Blere.  I stopped and asked a Post lady and she directed us tout doite and a gauche,  but it was really a doite.  We found it and with some serious but clenching we parked.  

I am currently praying that I can miss the post in front of the car on my way out!  
The Laundromat was a challenge of language, and figuring out machinery, but we did it and The Kids are exploring while I try furiously to catch up on the blog.  I left Jodi getting beauty sleep and resting for ballroom dancing this afternoon!  I came home to this:
We ended up lunching on the most expensive , least tasty food at the castle  before we went in.  There was nothing open in Chenonceaux and a couple of ladies at the Hotel Du Roy were braying donkeys about our wanting to eat lunch at 2 PM.  
Chenonceaux was still breathtakingly beautiful,  my favorite garden, 

the Catherine de Medici garden is still lovely this time of the year, 
the Diane Du Poitier garden was being dismantled for the winter, and not so lovely, but where we hung out quite a while waiting for sunset.   

We went partway into the castle with The Kids, and they danced in the ballroom and then we all danced.  

Jodi Speaking French!

Dinner was more corn soup and this time I had oxtail in croute with matchstick vegies in two corners and sauteed mushroom in the other two. 
It was delish!
This is the view out side of our bedroom window.  It is Delish too!

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