Monday, September 29, 2014

Driving squared

The Drive to the coast took a LONG time, and we did not really get to spend too long there once we arrived.  I knew this would happen, but sometimes people have desires of which they do not know the consequences.  I had hurriedly picked out Cassis as a place to go when Kathy told me that she wanted to go the week before we left.
 Yikes, we were not well placed for that at all.  We took the scenic route partway there, but it was hair raising for me.  Here is am in a strange country, in a rental with some of the people who are very dear to me.......  I have too much of my dad in me to be totally comfortable with that.  Cassis was lovely, but it was so crowded that there was not place to park, flashback to years ago on the riveria.  AUGH!!!  So on we went to where Christophe had suggested to Le Lavandou.  
It was a cute little seaside town with some parking!  
YIPPEE  I had to powder my nose quite badly so we got a drink right away after some difficulty finding a place everyone could happily eat a bite.  

Dean and I took a ride on the Ferris wheel, and it offered a glorious view of the beach!

I had brought picnic stuff so Jodi and I happily munched on the benches and Kathy and Dean went for a walk.  Jodi fed the birds, we chatted and took pictures f the Mollies.  

Needless to say the drive back ( though it was the Autoroute this time) was LLLLOOOONNNNGGGGG....  This is Siagnon at nght.

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