Monday, September 29, 2014

Old Friends

Breakfast today was immeasurably more delightful!  Croissants, Jam, All the coffee I wanted, as well as eggs and bacon for Kathy and Dean.  We were all happy and I even snuck out a goodie for Jodi!  Off we wenet to Amboise.  It was familiar, but had just enough "deviations" and changes to keep me on my toes.  
Close Luce was lovely and Jodi and I enjoyed it, 

even third time around.  
I was a bit bummed the thank does not spin any more, 

but such is life.  

Creps and coffee for a snack and while they toured the house we relaxed and I knitted, Jodi enjoyed the sun.  
Then we went to the castle where we were going to drop off the kids ( Kathy and Dean)  because Kathys knee was hurting, but we got a parking spot supreme!  I looked a bit and consedered photos that might interest the girls, 

but mosely just enjoyed the atmpsphere and sunshine.  
After all that enjoying we were hungry, of course not much was open, but there was a place and it had Tartare de Boeuf and was it good!  
On the way home we drove by Chaumont Sur Loire so the kids could see where Diane Du Poitier was banished.  Back to La Roserie for a hot bath and bed!

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