Monday, September 29, 2014

Driving to the Power of 10

The distance between Provence and the Loir, was longer than I thought, not in kilometers, but rather it just seemed to take for ever and there was the inevitable turning around because we were lost.  Jodi found lots of graffiti but sometimes I just could not find a way to stop  

Goodbye Siagnon

The drve was amazing, changing from mountaint, to hills and green valleys, to plains.

We stopped for lunch at a pizza place that delivered our pies to a picnic table outside with only a napkin for eating utensil.  It was pretty good though. 
 When we got to La Roserie, the hotel  staff told us that we had lost our rooms because we had not showed up the day before.  I am really not sure how all this mix up happened because I was pretty stinkin sure about  our itinerary.    No point in arguing after a bit of typical French posturing she found us rooms, Kathy and Dean had to move, they had a room for one night and then another for the other two.  

The room was charming as usual and had a bath tub and a bidet, Love, Love, Love 'em!  

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