Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Lazy Boar

Today Jodi had a headache and spent her day in bed.  :(  Kathy, Dean and I went to Apt and went to the French version of Wally World, Le Clerc.  We bought picnic stuff, beverages, and a few necessary items.  We came back to the Abby and had a lovely picnic in the garden, the threatening rain moving all around but missing us!
After we went into Siagnon, Kathy wanted to see the church there.
 Cemeteries always make me wonder at the folks buried there.  
There was a memorial to about 20 men who died in WW1 and then only three names in WW2.  Was the village wiped out the first time.  We don't consider how a whole village could loose its young men like that when we consider Frances part in WW2.  The church is not well kept in side, but it looked like there was to be a wedding there.  
We walked a bit and I found, rather than a "Bellavista", a "Bellevue" so we walked up and up and up, but finally at the top, it was worth it, you cold see the whole valley around!  
We came back down and had a coffee and goodie, almond tart for me.

 While we were at the top we found a city that Kathy had mentioned wanting to see.  I thought I had spotted a restaurant in Casaove before we left and noted it in the city, and I had!  So we had dinner at Le Sanglier Paresseux  Kathy and I both had Pork
The amusee was split pee soup in a cute little bottle with a straw, possibly the best pea sour either of us had ever had, and then the delicious pork was accompanied by vegetables on a bed of mashed potatoes.

 It was fabulous and totally worth the trip to this little village on the hill top.  My first post was complete and I lost it all due to the cruddy connection here!  Hopefully tomorrow I can get it posted!

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