Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Reed: Encore Mai pas Le même

This morning I had much more energy and a desire to have a croissant my way! After a quick of cup of coffee, I was up and off the the local boulanngerie for a croissant and then breakfast the way THIS French girl likes.
 Today was cooking class at Reed and I love to admit it but our Soufflee was better than the ones at Le Soufflee! But we will get to that. 
On the way I got another glimpse of my girlfriend. 

We did a Cheese Soufflee, Salt crusted Chicken, potatoes and mushroom sauce and Berry shortcake for dessert.  Jodi and I had eaten at Reed several years ago,  and I am not sure which I enooyed more, the cooking and learning or the being served, regardless the oral outcome was pretty equal! 
 We started by making the Shortcake, and then worked or way to the chicken,  we learned how to insert herbs under the skin of the bird and then apply the salt crust.  We discussed different herbs,when to use fresh versus dry, and how to chop the herbs.  
We then moved to starting the Soufflee and she had Brie and Comte for us to use in the soufflés as long with Roquefort.  We got to taste the Brie and Comte and I was in heaven.  I don't care how hard one tries we use can't get cheese like this at home, good cheese yes, but other kinds of cheese.
Then on to the Mushrooms as the cheese mixture cooled.  The Champingons were a thing of beauty.
Who says you need gas to cook divinely?
Catherine uses a solid surface top!
We got the soufflés in the oven, worked some on the potatoes ( So easy and SO delish!)  and started assembling our desserts.
Nothing fancy with the shortbread/cake, but I ihave been yearning for a recipe like this since I had a similar dessert in Cincinnatti. 
I was pretty happy to have it.  We each did our own and I decided not to be as fancy, to be a little loosely-goosey.  
Retrospectively I wold have used a bit more cream. But it was good and I did NOT need to eat it anyway. 
But we did not eat it yet, Time to check the Soufflees.

Then we got the mushrooms sauced, and the chicken out of the oven and cut up for eating, 

The Chicken with and without the crust.  The dark is the herbs!
Time to sit and eat with a class of wine.
It was all about the bites!
Tami and her Dessert
Donna and her husband, he came in to eat with us!
Hubby got Catherine's demo,and isn't Donnna's dessert lovely?  She was smarter about the cream!
Our proud class: John, Tami, Catherine, Donna and I.  I liked that apron!
After I wandered and tried again to get some money.  I just could not figure out why I could not get money, the chip was supposed to make it easier. I was headed to the Eiffel Tower and once I got there I sat on a bench in the shade and called the good old credit union.  Well, it seams that after I called to let them know that I was going to be here, they forgot to flip some switch and hence no Euros for me.  It has been flipped and I am 200 Euro richer today!  I didn't know weather to laugh or cry I was so relieved!

After my little emotional outburst, I was sitting knitting admiring the tower and a woman sat down beside me and looked at the tower on her phone, so I offered to take a photo and she said: "Oh, Thank you for speaking English".  So Trish and I had a long chat,  walked to the bathroom together, (because I thought I knew where there was one- even the security guards didn't know it was closed now) and the darned thing is closed, so we went for a beverge and to use the Loo.  I could write that  in French, but it looks  so English if I were to do so!  
Paris is desiring to be the 2021 Olympic site, I rather hope it's not as it will all be crapped up the,but they are going all our for it!
So security,   You have to go throug a security check to get in of the tower area, and depending on where you are going the security seemed to be different,  i.e. staying on terra firma, vs going up in the thing.  I have heard that they are considering putting up safety glass and to once again quote Jodi, it is rather crapped up the way it is.  


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