Saturday, May 27, 2017

Flattery and Fashion in the Heat

Breakfast was more of the same, Mellon, croissant, ham and cheese, with of course, good strong cafe au lait. 
I enjoyed 2 pigeons fighting out in the courtyard as I ate. I don't know if they were mating or fighting, but it did not look fun either way!  Off two BHV for more perfume, I thought I was going to  be commiserating with Gewn.  Whew, I am set for a couple more years! The salesgirl was so sweet, she gave me a box, a bag, and some samples. The box, I was going to decline, but I thought "if I find those goat cheese chips I want to badly"...... So I let her put the perfume in the box!  It is hot (87 degrees  as I write) so I took the metro to my next stop, had it been 70 instead, I would have just walked, but I have a pass, so what the heck.  The museum I was going to was not yet open for the day, so. Off to Monoprix, I bought some masarea on arrival and LOVE it so wanted more. No chips though.   I mosey shopped on the way back looking for something anything, not sure what.  As I approached the Bastille I noticed a craft market where the market is on Sunday and Thursday.  So I went off for a gander, I stopped to look at a lady selling scarves, they were beautiful, and I am still considering, but I am no sure what I would so with it, what I would wear it with.  Anyway then came to a fellow selling paintings.  Man did he turn on the charm..... Those French men.  I bought one for me and one for a friend for her BD.  They are actually prints of his art but they will look great  matted and framed. After a quick lunch of leftover procuitto and melon, lasagna and a cold salad compose I had 
picked upon the way back, I was back off to that darned Exposition.
It was about fashion, the way and women's rights, really.  About how it all interacted.  No pictures allowed, but there is always more than one way to get a job done!
And who knew that nurses no forms were a fashion statement during WWI?
I kind of had a little moment of pride and then was really glad I never had to work in this!
Next was another yarn shop,  in a PASSAGE!  Two birdies with one stone!  
So far this is my favorite yarn shop in Paris, even though I La Drougerie had charms.
Then a quick jump to the 5th to check out a concert but it is tomorrow, so a bit of souvenir shopping.  
Goodies for the kids.  There, another fellow must have been pretty hard up, he gave me a cell phone case and wanted me to come back later.  Too funny, but I was hot, sweaty and it was flattering. 
Back to La Bastille and thinking about dinner but something cool. Oh, There is Bofinger. It was air conditioned and they had a goat cheese salad on the menu.  
Not the best,  but the AC and location made up for it!  Amorino for carmel and chocolate ice cream  tonight.

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