Thursday, May 25, 2017

Back to the Land of the Living

 Today was market day and after a cup of coffee and a few bites of yogurt, I was off.  I wanted to have another gander at the dresses and just wanted a few things. 
We learned yesterday that it is smart to use warm eggs and that they are not sold cold here, indecently neither is milk. But adding both to ingredient changes things. Who knew!  Apparently it is the secret to lumpless gravy!  
I also began to covet her kitchen herbs,  I think I have to have some when I get home!
And that there are 2 types of artichokes here, one grown in the north and it should be cooked with butter and the purple ones gown in the south and which should be cooked with olive oil!
I also inquired about white asparagus, as mine is growing away from impediment and I have to wonder at the growing of the white.  At last, I was told it was a different type.  Humph, I'll have to consider this point. 
As you can see this seems to have grown 'er rigidly straight!
Look at the size of this gambas,baby!  Seriously they were about 10 inches long!
And these tentacles,don't we prettily call that Calamari?
And there was the technology of the West meeting the folks from the east. I don't think she was selling much.
I bought some Lasagna, procuitto and melon for lunch and ate in the apartment.  Yum.  Not much cheese, but tasty.
Retrospectively I probably should have done something different today, but I went to St Dennis and it was blissfully cool!  Should have saved it because it is supposed to be 95 and 97 Saturday and Sunday.  Two good things about that.  I am on vacation and do not have to do any work, and I could always go back!  Well actually 3, I also have a new cool cotton dress!
St Dennis is all cleaned up for it's anniversary!

IT was so nicely cool inside that it required a sit and contemplation.

The little guy, Bishohp (I think) Segur put  himself in a piece of the stoned glass! He's the little guy in green on the right.  I love how he did that.  It's like sticking your hand in the freshly poured cement, in hopes that it will still be there a long time from now.
The tombs at St Dennis always amaze me.
Here's Henri and Catherine De Medici, she got to sleep with him in the end!
For some reason Marie Anoinette's memorial alway moves me,  poor kid she really didn't have a chance.
Being royal wasn't all it was cracked to be,  just to make sure you were good and gone they would cut out your heart! Here's Marie's kids tomb.
As I left the sun was shining through the stained glass.
The metro was crazy crowded on the way back.  I haven seen it like that since Bastille day with the kids. I wanted to try a restaurant called L'Ange 20.  So I got reservations for 7PM, and it was as good as the hype on the Fordor board.  
For starter I had to have a Kir Royal in honor of a special person.  But I had a choice of Peach or Cassis. 

Then Fois Gras with onion marmalade.
Then a veal steak, with potatoes and a sort of cold ratatouille combo.  The steak and potatoes were excellent and I picked out what I wanted on the veggies.

It was all going so well, I went all in for dessert and it was worth EVERY calorie!
Carmalized apples on a shot bread crust/cookie with ice cream, caramel and whipped cream.  It was even pretty!
The waiter was a peach,  let me try in my bad French as much as I wanted.
Home to a bath and cool breezes.

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