Sunday, May 21, 2017

Out of Dodge and Into La Vie En Rose

I was ready to have a vacation, but Thursday and Friday were intense and  I was doubled ready!  I was surprised at how hard it was actually to come alone. I  feel like I am missing something, OR someone! One of the last things Jodi said as I got out of the car was, "if you see something you want buy it!"  Look out Paris here I come!  I got to the airport and the flight was an hour late became of the weather.  I was hungry and had plenty of time , So I hit up Wolfgang Puck for a bowl of squash soup, it was tasty but could have used some bread or something with it.
I sat by a nice kid from Charolette who was traveling with his 2 sisters and father.  That is rather sweet.  Anyway he needed some lessons in "seat mate etiquette", I nearly killed myself each time I would get out to visit the loo, he didn't move his stuff in the floor space and I had to step over it all. I weinered out and took a taxi, which I may regret as my ATM didn't work in the bank I normally use it in. This is pretty worrisome!
The apartment is in a pretty busy part of town near the Bastille, but you go in a locked door to get in first and  then there is a pretty courtyard.  The key is kept in a sort of lock box that is rather nice as keys are terribly expensive here and it is always a worry to lose one.  The apartment itself is rather quiet, and bare, but decent for the most part. It does have some cosmetic thiings that should be fixed like one of the blinds doesn't work correctly and the light under the cabinets in the kitchen is about to fall off, or at least one side is pretty loose looking.  
I dumped my stuff and
went to mass, but I forgot that it is at 10:00 and 11:30 ( I had it in my mind that it was at 10:30) so I missed half of the 10:00 service and the usher was so disgusted with me that I didn't even get a bulletin, which makes it MUCH easier fo follow!  See the black lady and balding white guy to her right?  I ran into them tonight getting ice cream.
After mass I moseyed in the park behind Notre Dame  for just a bit, there were several painters exhibiting thier wares and the roses are always glorious! THEN to LE Flore en l'Ile for some Tartare de boeuf and frites. I was so lucky as I walked across the bridge there was a lovely quartet playing.
When I got to the restaurant they were opening up the glass walls,so I got to sit at a table that was under cover but I could hear the quartet, see Notre Dame and watch the occasional cloud waft by. 
The waiter was honor bound to tell me that it was raw. I can hardly ever resist  acting shocked! IT was amazing though.
 As you can see, I am a member of the clean plate, AND glass club!  Actually only the glass, I got full!
Then I went to the Marche Bastille and bought some ham and cheese, the Ham better be good because the hunk I got was 10 Euro!.  Oops.  Also I took Jodi's advice and bought a great little dress that I noticed on the way to church, yes,  I did a quick sweep through on the way to church and could have been a bit more on time!  Not to mention that the old girl got the metro going the wrong way, and had to get off and go to the other side.  Clearly I am not as Parisian and I think I am.  
Anyway I felt pretty sorry for these fish, in the market for Pete's sake have some dignity in death! 
I bought some rhubarbe yogurt, (can't get that at home) and cheese. To go with that ham!  As well as a new wallet for both Jodi and myself.   Mine is lime green, hers a more sedate brown.  Alas the Monoprix is closed and I will have to get staples tomorrow, including my morning cupa, as there is none here, well, no real coffee.  Powered stuff if you can stomachs that, I can't.
After unpacking, trying on my new dress,  a bath and a change of clothing, I was ready to go again. 
Actually I am pretty stinkin tired but dnn't want to go to bed at 4 PM!  So I walked to Place du Voges and people watched a bit.  The Parisians were out in full force.

On the way back I got a chuckle because here is one view of Place de la Bastille
And here is another
Jodi would say it is "crapped up". And it pretty much is.
But I had to walk by it to go to Amorino for a tiny little up of Glacé (ice cream) , even wth a tiny cup they will let you have more than one flavor, here you see caramel,chocolate and cocoanut.
An soon as this goes through,it is bedtime for me!

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