Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Poorly to Piggy

As I was leaving the apartment this morning  I took time to enjoy the variety of flowers in this little oasis in the heart of Paris.
I have no idea what someone them are!  
 I was not feeling so well this morning (left over ramifications of the Steak Tartare), and got off to a late start.  I decided to go back to the Le Bastille and try again this time getting a croissant, which I did, but the little twerp wouldn't bring me butter or jam!  Seriously, this cocky Parisian waiter thing is annoying. And, it's not everywhere, just in the particularly touristy places,  and Le Bastille is. So I threw out my first hemorrhoid hex of the trip.  My agenda for the day, I decided was  to go to the 1 & 2er and shop a bit, foodie stuff and knitting stuff.  

First was La Dougerie.
Some serious yarn here, but the real find was charms to put on my cards!  They wrote everything up by hand and were very kind about my wanting a variety of charms.
The on to  E. Dehellerin to gaze at the siblings to my copper pot, and see if there was any trouble I could get into.  I had to chuckle a bit under my breath, this place was an awful restaurant last time Jodi and I were here and humph, it didn't make it did it?
Back to the pot store, actually it is all things cooking, the cutest little and big things you ever saw!
This place is old as the hills and jam packed, and SO much fungi snoop around through.  The one. Thing I have noticed this team is there are security guards EVERYWHWERE, even in this store. At least once a day someone wants to look in my bag.  Also fir the first tie tha I can remember a RATP officer wanted to see my ticket.  Ha, I have a pass like a real Parisian girl!
These things made me wonder what the heck they could be stirring,  maybe a witches brew?
Yep that says 1 meter 10, 20 , & 30,  they were BIG!
On to snoop in:  Au Simon, Bovida and finally saving the best for last to G Getou for vanilla beans, only to be told that I now have to purchase 12 bottles of them.  Good Lord I would be 70 before I got that many used up! Then to another Knit Shop "Cat Laine" ( the word in French is Tricot) to have a look see.
The I wandered in some Passages.  
These were the shopping malls of the late 1800's and they are charming.  I stopped and had tea and a goodie.
And I found a store that had loose old stamps for sale, great embellishments for the cards!
I wandered some more,  in French it is called Flanneur.  I encountered some new street art:
It's a little different take on the sweet Angels Jodi and I saw in the 90's
Then dinner tonight at Le Bistrot Du Henri, I started feeling all better avert the tart and tea so thought.....
I had the green bean salad for Jodi, and Margaret du canard in Honey  for me!
I was such a piggy I forgot to take a pic of the main, but it was pretty and tasty too! Of course there was an obligatory glass of a nice St Emilion Bordeaux.  I am a happy girl!

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