Monday, May 22, 2017

Not so much Vermeer

I was rather lazy today, I did not get up until about 0900. I did not shut off the notifications that means me or one of our team is going in to see a patient,  and was wakened up pretty much all night, which means we were busy!  I woke up about 0700 and reminded myself that I was on vacation. And slept a while more!
This morning was coffee-less, so had to go out for breakfast.  The funny thing about  learning French and bring here is that the more comfortable I get the more mistakes I make. This morning I glanced at the menu and ordered the "simple" which was this.
Not what I had in mind, but delicious none the less.  I went to Monoprix for staples,  and moseyed back in time to put stuff up and get to the Louvre for my appointment for the Veermer exhibition.  I could not start standing until 1:30 so I went to another special exhibit about Dutch painters in the Sully wing.
The detail in these pen and ink drawings was amazing and not a wooden shoe in sight!
Wow,I waited over a hour with an appointment and the place was crowded and hot!  There were only about 5 to 6 Vermeer's even in the exhibit!  I finally broke out a fan and got choosey about what I wanted to see.  I was hungry and tired, so thought "self, if you want dinner tonight ( it as now about 3:30 PM) I think you need a snack".  I was near Angelina and no trip to Paris is complete without a gulp of chocolate pudding so off I went!  On the way I caught my first glimpse of her!

The Chocolate chaude was as good as usual, & served with plenty of whipped cream to mix in.
Then I went to theTulleries and veged for a while considering my options for dinner. Choice #1 was not open, so I settled for Le Souffle as it is an easy ride home and back from where I was vegging!  
While I was there, I was knitting, near where I was sitting  is a play ground and a little girl was not happy to be going home, the lady with her told her to look at my knitting.  I had just finished up a dish rag I meant to use here.  After we chatted a while  I gave it to her and told her to help her momma with dishes.  She was too cute, but her name is Sixteen, can you image in? 
I came back, put on my prissy dress and went back to the Concorde station and walked to the restaurant. I had had my eye on this place for a while and never made it. 
For starter a Tommatoe Soufflee, Green Salad with a green and yellow tomatoe and burrata salad.  
Then a chicken and mushroom Soufflee for my main.
This was both were accompanied by the house white which was perfect!

For dessert a cold caramel Soufflee.
 I am thinking that Soufflee is not really my bag. Pretty rich!  We will see how the cooking class goes in a couple of days.  On the way back I got another glimpse of my girlfriend!  

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