Sunday, May 28, 2017

Long Hot Sunday

I got up this morning intent on getting to the market and getting a couple more of those dresses.  I love them, but also I am seriously out of stuff to wear, in a 2017 middle class American sort of way.  Here is my view on the way down rue de Roquette, but really a picture doesn't really do it justice, you need the sounds &  smells too.
The last trip to the market is always bitter sweet, there are things I have been contemplating and I am eager to get them, but at the same time, I know it will be the last visist for a LONG while.  
I bought my dresses, and then wandered marveling at the tomatoes, 
the rhubarb,
and those stinkin herbs.
There is the pasta guy, 
and the "deli" guy, 
as well as the egg guy.  
 I went back to the apartment to admire my goodies, and then off to church. On time this week!
At the end of the service the organist really gave this old girl a work out.  It is a magnificent sound!
Off to my favorite little park, 
for a sit and to people watch.
This guy had this pigeon eating out of this hand!
As crazy as this picture looks, it was that hot!
I was not really feeling that snarky, I just don't have the hang of this selfie stick thing yet. Believe it or not I was trying to smile!
Lots of shots of my point of view today, but this is the view form Le Fleur en I'Ile.  Boy I sure wanted  steak tartare, but I was too big a chicken to have another go at it.  
So I settled for fois gras and a glass of wine, and LOTS of water!
The love locks are all gone!  A wise young woman, today,said that the keys are still in the Siene and that's what matters!
So I got tickeled at messing with this selfie stick some more.
I went back to the apartment, took a cool bath, and finished packing my box to send.  And then headed out to the concert, the one that was about not to happen.
I went to the church and I had the time wrong, so darn, good thing I did not get reservations for dinner. I had 2 hours to kill and wandered untilI found some Italian. I thought a caperese salad would be good.  
And it was, I also had some Lasagna to go with it. And of course the ubiquitous glass of wine!
After dinner I went back to the church to get tickets and get seated and there were people locking up the building.  What?  I thought there was a concert.  "No, not tonight."  Really?  Now I am feeling pretty irritated, hot and stickey! 
So I walked to the Siene where I thought I could catch a breeze, but no.  
I wandered near our first apartment on Rue Daupihne ( Actually rue de Nesle) , and there was a new store,  it looked great,
but later when I tried it, let's just say bite 1  was not worth the calories and there was not bite 2.
So back to the river and saw reconstruction on Le Sanmartine,  
that brought joy, and more love locks, I am telling you they are  all over Pont Neuf now, and it irritates me as they have stuck those darn locks anywhere there is a place to do it!  GRRR. down to Le Pointe Vert maybe a breeze here?

And then I saw the boats.  Nothing so touristy as a river boat ride,but maybe a breeze????
There is a new church and I had read about it, but really forgotten.  It is a looker.  May have to go in sometime.
There was a breeze, it was worth every penny!
Paris is beautiful at dusk!
Latin music and Tango on the Siene,
So I moseyed up on Pont Neuf and sat in one of the little pockets and watched for my girlfriend to wink at me. 
Which she did!
And I blinked back a tear.


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