Friday, September 30, 2016

Squeaky 9-30-16

This morning I got up earlier for a Chapter Officers breakfast meeting.  We had scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and bread, accompanied with orange juice and coffee.  A little ketchup made my eggs and hashbrowns heaven!  The meeting, well not so much.  The business meetings ostensibly are well planned and well timed, but they leave no time for official networking.  It is frustrating, to be here with my peers in a forum where we are brought together because of specific issues, and we can not address them together.  Note to IAFN:  plan longer meetings with built in tiems for discussion.
My morning sessions were Certification and Injuries.  The Certification was a very well done lecture, the Injury one was problematic for me and I wondered who vetted her lecture.
Lunch was  a speaker on The Internet and Teens and it was actually very good.  The food was good too!  A salad of greens and string carrots with a surprisingly good dressing, chicken and rice pilaf with some orientalish veggies, and bread, followed by coffee and cookies or a brownie. 
My afternoon session was good, wounding and healing, but this speaker is usually excellent!
Dinner tonight is at the Squeaky Bean ( and is a "Indiana Dinner".  We had a healthy show and it was fun.  Got to meet some new people and have fun with those I know.
Dinner was a shared bottle of a French Wine!  
Steak with soubise sauce, yams and salas verde.
 And for dessert Chocolate Almond Cake, strawberry milk powder, strawberries, and dulce de leche ice cream.  Delish, I would certainly go back!
The walk there and back with friends was just what I needed after a long day of learning. 
Lots  of activity in the streets on a warm fall evening. 

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