Tuesday, September 27, 2016

the Cowgirls slip in a bit of Paris

The Cowgirls slip in a littlle Paris 9-26-16

Another lazy but rather early start to the day, I am waking up late for home, but early for here!.  Funny, I had planned on some sleeping in!  Croissants (with apricot jam),  fruit, OJ and coffee again while I blog.  
We wandered into Georgetown to visit the Hotel Du Paris.  Opened by Louis Depuy, nee Adolph Francois Gerrard, a fellow who it seems made a couple of serious life snafus before he was 30 years of age.  He defied the Catholic church and plagiarized anothers writing.
 But he had a epiphany moment and decided he wanted to do something with his life, opening the hotel.   Needless to say it is much more complicated that the above, if you are interested you can go to the website (http://hoteldeparismuseum.org/louis.html) and explore a bit, though the tour was much more educational than the website!
 The guide was a wealth of knowledge and I thoroughly enjoyed him.
 So much  so that we had to dash to get to our appointed hour for  our trail ride.  We went on the suggestion of the hotel staff A&A Historical Trail Rides. (http://www.aastables.com), it was a bit of a challenge to find as I had to coach Siri some but finally I was able to find the road, and then we drove right by the stables.  There at last.  I was pretty worried about getting  my old derriere on my mount, but there were these lovely blue steps available so it was doable!
 In spite of all the funning from Jodi, I sure was glad I ported my reliable cowboy boots, they certainly know their way around horse droppings, stirrups and of course authentic fashion!  The scenery was amazing and I learned that the "silver birches" I thought I was seeing, are Aspens,  go figure, what was I thinking?  As we approached the corral I began to wonder if horseback riding is like riding a bike, or was I going to look like a City Slicker?
Our mounts were Jambo and Lucy, but my mount Jambo acted more like my Lulu The riding was different than what I had done 30 years earlier,  of course, we were in the mountains!  Jodi seemed to enjoy it, I have a photo of a rare HUGE grin on her face,
She did well, better than others I have ridden with. 

Dinner was not the steak I thought this cowgirl deserved.  The restaurant we dined at our first night was closed when we arrived so we drove downtown, but the dining opportunities were pretty nonexistent, other than the EuroGrill!  
So we ate at a little place called Mountainbuzz cafe and pizzeria.  We had the pizza and I gave it a 5.5 out of 10.   
Here we sit waiting on the Presidential Debate.
And here we sit after, actually we got in the hot tub again to ward off evil horseback riding spirits! I don't think anything can ward off evil presidential election nightmares!

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