Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hangry 9-29-16

There is a recurring theme of huger on this trip.  I guess it is a cheaper way to go.
I woke up hungry last night, and was hopeful for the Continental Breakfast this morning, but it was muffin, muffin or muffin. So I had a muffin and coffee. The keynote speaker on Human Trafficking was amazing.  and my morning session was inspiring.  I ran back up to the room to check in with Jodi, and saw a refrigerator in the hallway so I suggested that she ask about that, she did and we now have a fridge in the room! I went back down to find food, and there was no place in this building to get a bag of food to take to the Business  meeting.  Grr, no lunch makes me a crabby girl.  NOTE: to IAFN either feed me or have a space where I can grab some food if we are going to schedule the business meeting like this! So lunch was 2 Canada mints and water. 
Jodi chatted up the hotel staff, while she relaxed.   The young lady who made up our room is from Burma, she has been here for about five years and Jodi thought she was delightful.
For dinner Stephanie, Jennifer, Stephanie Jodi and I started out walking and settled on Marlow's.  I had a house salad, greens, dried cherries, raisins, tomatoes and croutons and a house vinaigrette which was excellent.   We Both had a filet setting on roasted potatoes ( no Bernaise available and and the house peppercorn sauce was a red wine base) and a side of fresh asparagus with parmesan cheese. For dessert We shared a Cree Brûlée, but honestly mine is better.   We walked a bit up 16 St. which is a pedestrian street, well policed, and some bummed.  

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