Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hrumph 9-28-16

Today was another leisurely morning until 11, the time we had to check out of our most excellent accommodation.  
This is a place that exceeded my hopes, let alone my expectations!  They have raised the bar for Hoteling!  Breakfast was delivered in the usual manner, and enjoyed in my usual manner as well.  I am sorry to leave! 

We had reservations at the Dusty Rose Tea Room in Georgetown at 11:30, so getting our act together to check out was not so very hard.  Jeannette the owner met us and shared with us that she had a family illness so the Tea Room was closed but she was keeping our reservation.  It nearly broke my heart, rarely do who do not love me, treat me that selflessly.  The Tearoom ( is one of those places that makes my heart sing, it is decorated with plenty of lace, antiques and lovely china.  
Our High Tea started with picking out tea, I picked out Back Bear Jasmine, a berry and vanilla blend, which was heavenly.

Jodi picked out the Georgetown blend (mixed berries) and she liked it as well!  Next we got to pick between an orzo salad, or potato soup, which of course we choose as we liked it first time around!  It was excellent again, but maybe even better.  Served in shallow china bowls with silver soup spoons, how can it not be better?
 Then it was followed with a three tier tea server with a layer of ( more- yippeeee!!!!) meat pies, tiny spinach quiche, cucumber and green pepper tea sandwiches, salmon and cream cheese tea sandwiches, and deviled eggs.  No one make better deviled eggs than my momma, so loyal daughter that I am I can not rave about the eggs, but the rest was heavenly!  The second layer was filled with Apricot scones (with Lemon Curd) Raisin Scones (with cream), iced spiced madeleines and black walnut cookies ( these looked like Linzer tart cookies and were amazing!) , the top layer was a lemon and rosemary muffin, tiny chocolate hazelnut brownie and a tiny piece of chocolate pecan pie.  Overall it was a wonderful experience!
From there we drove though Guanella pass and had one last gander an God's grace in sharing beauty with us mortals!  
The aspen trees are yellow with some  orange amidst the pines and it is a lovely sight!
So now time to come back to reality, we had laundry to do.  Water is so scarce in Georgetown that we had to drive to Idaho Falls to do laundry, where we found ( thanks too the staff at the hotel) a laundromat.  So much quicker than I hoped, we had some clean clothes to take with us to Denver.  The trip back across Denver was busy, stop and go , but relatively uneventful.  We took a taxi to the hotel from the airport and the driver was a immigrant from Ethiopia 25 years ago and a very nice fellow.
So the Sheraton Downtown Denver had a high bar to meet, but so far it is mot measuring up, not even close.    There is no refrigerator, little storage space and we have double beds in spite of asking for a queen or king bed.  In addition there was 2 sugars and 2 creamers to add to Starbucks coffee, seriously?
We got here so late that dinner was cheese and crackers and a glass of wine.  The glasses here are a little broad in the bottom, so good for red wine.  I am looking foreword to an  early morning to find out who to give the auction items for the Foundation Auction to and get registered for the conference.  

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  1. That is a substantial high tea...which I guess is the definition of high tea! I thought your description of the bottom tier was the description of the whole tea. I was flabbergasted when you kept on going, and going.