Sunday, September 25, 2016

Frontier Airlines: We will get you there quicker than a Calistoga wagon 9-24-16

How does one describe this flight experience,  I was struggling with this concept, only to hear a fellow passenger describe it as the Hotel California.  That and a snore woke me laughing from a dead sleep!
I really didn't mean to, want to, choose Frontier Airlines. They don't have a good reputation for timeliness and they DO have a very good reputation for nickeling and dimeing a person to pieces.  I really goofed up when I assumed, that if Southwest Airlines flew to Denver they would have their flights on Orbitz.  So because of the timetable, I choose Frontier, knowing that we'd be squeezed to death. 
Mother sent us off with a container of love in the form of Chocolate chip cookies.  We were sure grateful as they made up a snack while we waited and waited and waited. 
Even knowing about their lousy abilities at timeliness, I was not worried that we would be finding our hotel in the dark.  Well at least not until after an  hour, almost two hour, delay in take off the pilot indicated that we be getting to Denver about 6PM!  Now, I am beginning to worry.
Oh well, we have been pinched every way you can imagine cheap crappy  (merdique) seats, nothing to drink without paying (and I mean nothing, not even a glass of water) and only half, well really about 1/4 of a tray table.  It's really  comical, well, sort of.  When I was young flying was an experience, we got dressed up to fly, you were treated kindly and you even often were fed!
After landing though, that has been another story.  In preparation for this trip, I looked and looked for a car rental. Wow, they are more expensive here in the States than in Europe!  So I looked at what discounts I might have lurking around the periphery of my life, like organizations, work, etc. We didn't have much of a discount at work, but we got this opportunity for Emerald Isle at National Auto Rental.  Let me tell you THAT was an experience!  We were dropped off, bumbling around like a couple of the 3 Stooges and directed to just (I Had to clarify a couple of times because it seemed like it was too good to be true!) pick out any car on the "Isle" We picked out the car WE wanted, put our luggage in, and drove off to a booth where the attendant looked at my license & a card hanging  on the mirror, and we were off.  I  felt like SOMEBODY special!
I found a cute little Fiat SUV, Jodi suggested a Jeep, but it was a BIG Jeep, and we went with the Fiat.  So on the way out of the lot she started kidding me about how cute I could have been wearing my cowboy boots, yes I had to figure out a way to bring them, standing by one of the cute little trucks, rather than by the Fiat.  She has a very valid point, but I really did not want to drive a truck!  The smaller the better for me.
The drive was relatively easy.  I had forgotten the slow Semi Trucks in the mountains, and then not have ever really driven in the mountains, the velocity one can assume going down The Mountain!  Even getting to the Hotel, the ( Chateau Chamonix was easy to find with the help of Siri and it is amazing.  Even better than I had hoped! 
The room has a little 2 person hot tub looking out at the mountains, a big king size bed, coffee maker, fridge, and it is lovely!  I was thrilled as I did a lot or research and then Jodi agreed to this one without any lobbying on my behalf.
After all the delays and driving we were tired and hungry so we went to a little place up the street called Coopers and ordered wine for me and a white russian for Jodi.  My wine was amazing, a red blend with a delightful nose, and a silky mouth, & it was not a dry wine, so I am sure it must be a big seller for them.  I am a nose girl, so it had me really at the first sniff!  Jodi on the other hand was not so lucky, she made a face at her first taste. The thing looked like it seriously lacked Kahula.  So I tasted it and said "darn it tastes like they made it with really good gin (like eating a juniper berry)  and cream.  She didn't want to case a ruckus, but really?  So when we asked about it,the server said it was a Chai White Russian, and  made only with Vodka and chai spice & cream.  So they made her a new one and it was a bit better, till a bit stingy with the Kahula.
 She was happy as she got a vege plate & was allowed to sort of pick what she wanted, I was happy with a Burrata, roasted corn, and tomatoe appetizer which came with toast.  It was delish, though I had to laugh at myself because the cheese was cold and not what I expected.  So after the rocky start to get here, this jaunt seems to be off to a good start but then most adventures with Jodi are good ones!

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