Sunday, May 29, 2016


Things went so awry on our last trip to France that I was not emotionally able to blog about it. Maybe now I can.  But I am not interested in the past today, other than how it shapes my present.  This week because of the financial disaster that was last September, I am staying home for vacation.  But I miss her, I miss her like a addict misses her next fix.  I think about her, dream about her, read about her and think about her some more.  I won’t get to see her for at least another year, If I am VERY good. 
So considering that Paris is not in my immediate future, the question is how can I console myself?

It is possible that  I can have a French vacation here in good old mid-America?  What can I do to shape my days so that there is a little hint of something French?
Day 1:  A trip to Brown County, Indiana.  We got up had a leisurely morning and them monied to Nashville IN to the Hob Nob Corner Restaurant   because Jodi mentioned a Pot Roast Sandwich and she rarely mentions anything so when she does I figure she is hankering.  We shared and it was delicious, They accidentally brought fried, we had ordered veggies.  They left the fries and I nibbled on them.  Then I went to one of my favorite shops, Mulberry cottage, to rummage through the lace and frills, Jodi hung out on the bench conveniently placed outside.  I managed to find a small way to get into trouble and on we went.  This is a small town and very walkable.  Next we walked to my favorite shop and it is closed.  Boo Hoo Hoo.  Then still itching for trouble we went to the Papertrix, where I managed to get into some good old fashined trouble!  Happy with my purchases we headed to the Park where we have a season pass, to  while away some time before our dinner reservations in good old Shelbyville,Indiana at 18 on the Square.  We shared Fried Green Tomatoes with pimento cheese and a chili sauce.  Separate, my FGT are better, but all three items in one mouthful were very nice.  I then had a Filet in a mushroom sauce aside smashed garlic potatoes and I subbed green beans.  Accompanied with a Zin it was very good and definitely aa do over!  

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