Saturday, April 16, 2016

Apology and French Food

So it is April and life has gone on,  sometimes one can not muster enough energy to create a socially acceptable verison of events to post and for me, this is my truth regarding this last trip to France.  Some day I will be able to write an entire comedy routine around it, but is still too fresh and too fustrating for some to go there at this time. Maybe I'll work on that soon but in the mean time marching on..........
Every Once in a while a girl just has to get away and indlge in some French Food!
My favorite place to do that, even thorugh we have a French restaruant in Indy, is in Cincinnatti.  There is a quiet little place called Le Petite France.  *********
Last night we had reservations for their monthly wine tasting meal.  Normally a steal at $65.00, last night was delish, though a bit disappointing here and there.  I have eaten at this restaurant since the mid nineties when I started coming with a friend.  So I know thier menu well and know what they capable of!
Firstly we were late, very late, which they handled with grace, typically French!  This menu was called Bring on the Bordeaux and it started with an aperitif of Pay La Tour, Rose.  It was a bit vinegary on the tongue for me, though Jodi liked it fine.  Next was a cream of Asparagus soup which was delicious accompanied with a Sauvignon Blank from Dourthe.  Also a  bit TOO crisp (aka vinegary)  for my taste.   The  second corse was a leek and camembert tart with Fris√©e accompanied by a Beausejour Fronsac with a lovely nose!   It did not slide down quite as nicely as promised but we bought a couple of bottles!  This course was a delight.  I am not usually a fan of camembert, give me a brie any day but the leeks played nicely with the cheese and Fronsac and after a harried week, and white knuckled drive I was happy and relaxed at last!  The wine for the next course a Espirit de Pavie Bourdoux *************  which was served with a balsamic glazed duck with pear hash.  The wine had both nice nose and palate as well as a interesting story.  So two more riders on the way home!  The course itself was not the best that this establishment can do.  The glaze saved it,  I had maybe eight small bites of duck after I wrestled off the fat. The pear hash was sort of a dump of cooked pears and potatoes. It was accompanied with haricort and a few carrots.  The meal was rescued though, by the last course and it was not the wine that saved it.  the wine was a Lions de Suduiraut Sauternes.  I swear the nose on that thing was seriously of saurkraut.  It was a very sweet wine and not terrible for that sort, not ( the bottle did look VERY cute!) one i wanted to bring home.  But the strawberry cake with peach mousse that accompanied the wine was perfect.  The cake was coarse, not our normal sticky sweet sort of cake, which allowed it to let the strawberries and mousse shine.  
So will I go back?  Certainly, you don't discount an old friend  because of one small slight.  One does not eat at any establishment year after year, and as often as one can, without a few mishaps.  I'll go back for their wine tastings and for regular menu meals as well.  If you are in north Cincinnati give this restaurant a try.  It still ranks as my favorite place to eat (Other than my Momma's) in the US. 

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