Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mountain Climbing in your late 50's Ain't What it Used to Be 9-27-16

We were told that we wold have to et up really early to accomplish what I wanted to today, but darn it we are on vacation. So we did the same as before, I got up, wrote this blog, and enjoyed my breakfast wile Jodi snoozed and then we moseyed around getting ready when she got up.  We were both, and sort of, still are, John Denver fans in the day and I thought she had to see Rocky Mountain National Park.  So we did.  Well, I offered options but this park is what we ended up choosing.  We took our snacks, some opened cheddar chips, a new bag of sun chips and our water.  Neither of us wanted a repeat of the hangries of yesterday.  The road towards it was pretty close off of 70 to Georgetown.  I really like this little town and this hotel, we agree that we would come back here again.  
So off we go, driving, ears popping and enjoying the scenery.  Driving, Driving and a all of a sudden a loud pop.  We look at each other,  the car is riving o.k., no chaos outside of the car that we can see and then I remember the extreme puffiness of the bag of Sun Chips when I threw them in the bag that morning.  Soon I could smell the aroma of garden salsa sun chips as I drove.  We stopped for gas and  
Jodi suggested a brunch and just there was a cute little place called Rise and Shine Cafe.  
I had an  excellent Eggs Bene Sandwich and Jodi had a Bacon and Egg Sandwich. 
 The car just gave out at Lake Granby, just kidding, Jodi wanted to stop and take a few pics and it was a good stop!  
And then onward we went.  
We stopped at the Alpine Visitors Center to have a look and there were steps to the top.  
So we agreed that is would be worth the climb.  
I was not really thinking when we jumped out of the car and forgot to take some water, not the brightest move on this old girls part as the walkway does not look all that far, but it was a good hike.  Fortunately Jodi is not adverse to "Photo Ops" and I made it up alive.  Though, halfway up is a board that talks about Altitude Sickness. I am not sure if it was helpful or a hinderance!  Indianapolis is listed as 715' above sea level, Georgetown as 8,000' and the top of the Alpine Visitors Center as 12,000', It felt like we were at the top of the world.  
I also gained a true appreciation of the lunacy of those who mountain climb!   It is not only risking your life because of the climb, but the darned altitude sickness too.  
The vistas of the mountains were amazing, and a full 360 view!  People watching was also amazing.  We messed around up there for a while, and people came and went.  One  guy was by himself and i took a pic of him up on the rocks looking out and then shared it with him, I think his name was Douglass, he taught me how to AirDrop.  Watch out world!  Then there was this sweet young couple  from Connecticut who got engaged at the top of this mountain, most of the women up there at the time were nearly in tears.  
How thoughtful this young man was propose in such a lovely place.  I pray that their love has many mountain top experiences and endures the valleys that are sure to come as well.  There was al ( I was not thinking this relationship was going to well)  aa lovely gray headed woman about my age siting on a rock looking totally bored while her husband ignored her and took photos of the scenery.  I thought what a pity to not incorporate her beauty with the Surrounding beauty.
 Oh well.
 On the way down a Indian woman informed me that my Eddie Bauer Dress and April Cornell pantaloons are really Indian garb, well sort of I guess.  I just wanted warm legs!  
Back down, which was different but nearly as hard as going up, I powered my nose and we were off around the adjoining mountain.  All of a sudden  in spite of signs to stay on the road, and only stop at "pull offs", there were about a dozen cars pulled off and then ((Thank you Daddy for all the exhortations to look for Antelope)  I saw a herd of Elk, just sitting there while all the humans stopped traffic to have a look and take photos.  That was cool.  
Then around another bend a ways on traffic stopped.  I  saw people turn around, and be disgusted, and I thought to myself that this could either be very bad, or very fun.  Patience really does pay off ( and what were we going to do? take another road?  I am still wondering what those people who turned around did) and there was Male Elk on the opposite side of the road munching on something and on the other side a female dining as well.  
Then all of a sudden another female comes up by the male and calmly saunters across the road to eat with her friend.  Not going to get more up close and personal without getting out and petting them.   We drove on to Estes Park which reminded me of Nashville in Brown County, and neither of felt a need to park and shop through the same cliche you find at any tourist trap.  We went back to Georgetown, through  Allenspark, Ward, Nederland (of the Mirror) and Central City.  I was rather dismayed and I had thought to fritter away 10 bucks or so at a casino.  BlackHawk and Central City  seem to be joined and BlackHawk looked like a Disney  for gamblers, right down to the  created rock behind the casinos. Not my cup of tea and I came home with my $10.00 in my pocket. We decided to head to Coopers again, we had wanted to  have a meal there before  we left.  I had thought to have a Filet and looking at the menu reminded me of the Duck Confit  Pot  Pie and the Filet fled my mind

Jodi seemed to be considering the Filet as well, but ended up getting a burger.
 I had another glass of that lovely wine, Oh Mambo red blend, and Jodi had a very improved White Russian.  We still had two complimentary glasses of a nice Chardonnay to drink at the hotel  (Jodi let me have it all and I made her a Kaluah and Cream) so we took it out behind the hotel and sat by the creek and listened to the lovely sound of the rushing water.
  At least until I got too cold. One last dip in the hot tub to try to sooth my sore body and off for pleasant dreams.

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