Sunday, October 2, 2016

Double Duty

Today as a long day learning about strangulation.  Coffee and crummy croissants started the day,  I wold have passes but I was hungry.  It interests me that a place that can do good food for lunch does breakfast bread so poorly.  Regardless,  I not only learned some more info about strangulation and the lethality of it, but I also got good news about a colleague of mine.  That was worth the use of my day!  I used up every drop of yarn to knit, I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow, I don't sit well.  
Lunch was a spinach salad with fresh berries and cheese (feta?), followed by pork, polenta and grilled asparagus draped in a pan sauce.  Very nice!
Dinner was a long walk looking for soup, and then Italian and we ended up at Grimaldi's Pizzeria.  Maggianos (and I am not fond of chain food) was an hour wait and I was thinking "no, thanks"!  Grimaldi's was pretty good, maybe a 7 out of 10.  
Today was started by a follow up to the Human Trafficking lecture from the first day, not as much practical info as I had hoped.  A bunch of us from Indiana sat together.  
Then a relatively boring lecture on Mentoring followed by a cancelled session.  So I dropped in a DFSA, GHB lecture.  I picked up a few tidbits from it, so it was not a waste.  I was, however,  really looking foreword to the lecture that got cancelled.  Mother always says that "No Education is ever a waste".  So there.  HOWEVER,  no knitting did just about kill me!
Jodi and I walked to the Delectable Egg, very near the hotel, and I had Eggs Benedict with the best hash browns ever!
 Jodi had her usual egg sandwich with hard eggs and cremated bacon.
Then we just wandered, by the State Capitol Building,
the Denver Art Museum and
ended up touring the Byers-Evans house (, I really enjoyed it..  I enjoy the history and all the antiques!  
We wandered by countless homeless people, I understand that the current "Gold Rush" is in form of Mary Jane, rather than elemental Gold.  The effects of that are that there is a building boom, the cost of living has climbed and there are hundreds of visible homeless persons. As you walk down the street I flash black to nights in an  Emergency Room full of drunks, or I flash back to driving out in the county and smell a skunk, which I have been advised is poor quality pot. It is really unfortunate, I don't think I have seen so many homeless folks anywhere that I have ever traveled.  
We went to the Church Of All Sinners and Saints this evening. We had read a book by the pastor, Nadia Bolz-Weber, at our book club at church and I wanted to attend her church.  Conveniently the service was at 5 PM so I could attend my lectures this morning and we could go to church this evening.  I was all excited as she was there and I hoped she would preach, she did not, but the young man who did delivered a credible sermon.    
We walked back to the hotel and then went to 5080 burger.  It was on my "list" and I saw Italian Wedding soup on the placard!  I had that soup and a slider of the day, a chimi-churri burger.  
The soup hit the spot, and burger was just o.k, it had a bit of a kick and I did not finish it.  Jodi had fries (they were delish) and onion rings and slaw.  Her slaw had a bit of a kick too, I am thinking that the owner likes a "kick" For a bit of dessert I tried their ( there was a small ice cream parlor attached) salted Carmel ice cream, Jodi said it tasted scorched!  Bien Sur!

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  1. Love that you took knitting and riding boots with you!