Sunday, May 27, 2012

Real French Perfume

Saturday started out a lazy day, but it got busy very quickly.  We decided to run some errands.  My friend Mary wanted a Sari, and so  off we went to Rue Fabourg St. Denis near the Gare Du Nord to get it.  Jodi was not real thrilled with this, and I vacillated and vacillated on buying myself one too, which did not help.  I could not get her to try eating a little Indian food there!   From there we went to Les Halles and stoppedin St Eustache because Jodi had not yet seen this church.  On a hot day, the interior of these old stone churches, is even more blessed.  I wanted some vanilla from Detou and we bid a honorary  hello to Dellerhein on the way.   Dellerhein is where the infamous copper pot was purcahsed.  
I still marvel at how much cheaper vanilla beans are here than even on-line.  Detou is a small but mighty store where one can get unusual things to cook with.  Once again I am on the verge of the big.........   Jodi dragged me away and we walked toward BHV.  Mother had asked me to buy some perfume for a friend and I knew that they carry it there.  I also wanted to get myeslf some “real french perfume” on this trip.  I accomplished both missions!  I found the perfume for Gwen and found another scent by the same company called the “Flight of the Butterfly”.  I LOVE it, I squirted some on my shoulder for Jodi to smell because the bottle was new and later I smelled it on the way home, thinking, I sure hope that is my new perfume.  IT WAS!  


It was hot, Jodi had had enough of her personal space being ignored and so we came home,  we went to the Grand Epicerie and got some goodies for dinner.  For dessert of course we had left overs from my cooking class.  

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