Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An ti ci pa ta tion

Eleven days, well twelve really if you count the flight before I get to breathe in my favorite city once again!  I am so ready. Ready to hear the sounds of Parisian horns blaring, French spoken in the back ground, and Live music played in the Metro.  I am ready to see my tall slender girlfriend teasing me from across the city, “twinking”  teasingly  at me at night.  Ready to taste the Food, Fois gras should be in season, the deserts we will make in class. And I am so lonely for her, that I am even ready to smell her, the cacophony of the markets, cheese, fish, sweet ripe fruit.  Yes, even to smell piss in the metro from a clochard the night before.  
It was a rather last minute thing, so I have not had the privilege of rolling around in the anticipation and planning that I usually do.  But is it close and I am eager.  Wondering how our hotel will be the first night.  It is a place near Notre Dame  that I  took a photo in 2009 and that has resided on my computer desktop since.  After arranging our apartment, I found  airfares much cheaper if we left a night earlier, so in my dither about where to spend that night, I thought about Les Degres De Notre Dame.  I have given up a bath tub for this trip, so minimally it will be night with a bath tub, maximally it will be a charming little place to which we might return.
What will our apartment be like, it is supposed to have a great view of the Eiffel tower, and a balcony.  We traded in a real bed and bath tub, at least I did, for this view.  Will it be worth it?  Will it be everything it was chatted up to be, will we like this new part of town?  The 6th er is a new one for us.  
My cooking class is lined up and paid, it is an advanced deserts class and Cookin with Class, which is where I have taken all of my lessons in the past.  I am looking forward to learning to make Charlotte au Poire and Paris Brest, among others.  I even got a discount for being a returning student!
Parisian weather is almost as uncertain as Indiana weather and I am arranging and rearranging my wardrobe for the trip almost daily.  Do I want to wear mostly black, or mix it up?  Sandals, or will I need to wear something warmer?  Oh, the decisions!
Here is a copy of the photo, you can see my image umbrella and all, in the window as I am taking the photo

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