Thursday, May 24, 2012

Melting Brie

Any way you slice it today the Brie melted.  It was hot and I really wanted to go to the Rodin Museum, or go buy a Sari for my friend Mary, but we waited around here until I got sick of it and tried to call the airport again.  In the midst of (did I ever tell any of you that phones are my undoing here?)  trying to call on my own cell with no luck over, and over.  I finally heard the apartment phone ring and thought it was me, but no, it was the airport and they left a number, well sort of, it was so statickey that I could not understand it well enough to make out the numbers  I listened to it several times and was on the verge of tears, and finally thought, o.k I have figured out how to call, I can just call the number on the receipt they gave me at the airport.  So I did only to be told that I must call the delivery service.  So I did, and they must have been having a party today because I could barely hear and understand what was being said.  After asking the guy three times to speak more slowly, Jodi said I copped an attitude and said, No, No, No, .................  That was all she heard, but she got the message that I was annoyed.  Finally he spoke slowly enough that I understood and Mr Delivery man said that it would be delivered between 8 PM and 12 AM.  Great, a whole day wasted.  That was about enough to push me over the edge.  Jodi suggested going ahead and trying to purchase the Sari, but by now it was 4 PM and just too late,  so we walked to the nearest Monoprix.  On the way we both found the Hermes store window interesting.  The animals have gone wild!  Before we entered the Monoprix, we walked on just  a bit to the Deux Magot for a drink and people watching.  It was amazing.  The couple behind us were all over the guide book they had with them,  as if it were the Holy Bible.  The waiters were their normal arrogant selves, and our waiter was flirting like crazy with the lady behind us.  There was a elegant but very wrinkled gray headed woman sitting against the building lording it over us all in a regal manner.  In front of us was a couple who Jodi said were planning a little somethin-somethin because he was taking a viagra, I did not have the heart to tell her I don't really think it was viagra.  I sure hated to spoil her fantasy.  Right there together are Le Deux Magot, Le Flore and Brasserie Lipp, all big names from the twenties when Hemingway et al were living it up here.  At Monoprix Jodi got in trouble ( rightly so, one should never take a photo of someone having the big “o”) for taking a photo of me in the make up department.  We purchased stuff for dinner and then schlepped it all back to the apartment.  We got back with 45 minutes to spare and Jodi wanted to go across the street to get some Coke zero so we took MOlly Dolly and shot some pics for that blog too.  Dinner ended up being more of a yummy picnic, Brie, Mimolette, Emmentaller, Pate, Salami, Bread and Cherries accompanied by a awesome Cahor wine.  We are still waiting and we just watched the 11:00 twinkling of the Eiffel Tower.  HOw did I come to the title?  Well a Kerry at church calls me Brie and I felt like I was melting down, or you can just know at that it was pretty hot and the Brie cheese on the plate melted.  Either way is the truth!

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