Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just Desserts!

Today was my advanced pastry ( AKA: desserts) class.  It was awesome, we made 4 desserts, Baba Au Rum, Strawberry creme Cake, Mille Feuille and Eclairs.  I am thinking that my favorite is the Mille Fueille, but we just had the Strawberry Creme cake for dessert and it was delish!  It was great to see Pino again and cook with him.  It is funny how used you get to something, going to class this morning felt like being on familiar ground.  The school has grown and is now twice as big, but it is designed so that it felt very much the same, even Lena is still there.  
On my arrival home, my suitcase had arrived!  Yippee, I am not sure what I treasured most, clean cloths, a different pair of shoes to wear or my washrag!  But while Jodi was finishing her shower, she had manned the door to get my bag back, I put stuff away and generally loved on it a bit.  She said someone called who did not speak English and she thought that they were not going to show again as they did not arrive until the 19th hour.   so she was pretty relieved too!
I had “saved my self” for the desserts and brought them home to share, so I was starving.  We went to a local place where he had a dessert earlier in the week.  I had steak tartare, and Jodi ( augh) dessert of cheese cake.  My meal was so-so.  I have had it chopped up before but this was way too coarsely chopped and tasted like raw meat.  Which I KNOW it is, but it should have other flavors as well.  After lunch we went to the Sq St. Jean behind  Notre Dame and just sat, relaxed and watched people.  There was a movie filming on the street just behind where we were sitting, so it will be interesting to vwatch if I ever get to see it.  I do watch a fair amount of foreign film.  
We gazed at the roses, let Molly Dolly pose for some shots and walked across a bridge I have crossed many times, to see a gazillion locks on the bridge.  The legend ( a new one!) is that you and your lover put the lock on and throw the key in the Seine

We went to dinner at Le Bistrot d’Henri, I had Duck i a honey sauce and au gratin potatoes, they were wonderful and Jodi had ravioli, which she said was o.k. and you know what that means.  THe couple beside us were FI GH TI NG!  I did not know weather to laugh or cry for them.  The walk home was nice and we had that Strawberry Creme cake once we got home to the vision of the Eiffel Tower Twinking at us! 

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