Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesday: Sans Valise

I was worred about the sofabed but either the wine with dinner, exhaustion, or comfort over took me and I slept like a dream.  I slept like a dream  until I woke up and started perseverating on the fact that I am in Paris and have no clothing.  We did a load of laundry last night but could not figure out how to make it dry so I hung them in the window like a hilbilly, but neither my dress or panties were dry when I got up this orning.  When I look up my bag on the Air Canada website it says the bag has arrived and should be delivered today.  We will see.  
After we got settled in the apartment as best as we could, we decided to head toward our dinner reservations.  I had read raves on the Fordor France board about a place called Reed near the Eiffel Tower.  So we headed that way, found the resturant place on a quiet little street called Rue Amelie, and walked on a bit "window licking" (the term the French use for window shopping) until we finally succumbed to a store with purses!  We both fell in love with a different purse in the same shop and we both are chewing on it a while.  I really do NEED a brown/tan purse though!  We stopped for a glass of wine, a red for me and a glass of Muscat for Jodi, accompanied by a small little bowl of peanuts.  Those peanuts held me over untnil out 7:30 reservation.  It was well worth the wait.  I had read about Catherine the chef and owner on line and she is a charming woman, no bigger than a minute, but mighty in the kitchen.   The server, too, was endearing and fluent in English, as well as tolerant of our taking photos with Molly Dolly for Ghianna.  We got to sit side by side and were able to observe everything that was going on in the small resturant.  It seats about 18 people at Jodi’s count.  
Dinner was a Fois Gras Terrine with salad, which was with the house bread a meal enough for me, but NO I had to try the Rissoto with Morell mushrooms and it, too, was fabulous.  Accompanied with a bottle of red wine, it was a unforgetable meal.  Jodi had the Beef Cheek Bourginon and other than the mushrooms she picked out, she seemed to like it quite well.  I aksed her how she liked it and she said o.k. which for her it = good.  There was a couple beside us that had returned for a second meal, no surprise to me.  Our meal checked in at 75 euro which was plesantly less than I expected, but it also cheked in as a “do over” which gave flourish to my experience!
On arrival home, I was hoping, desiring, wishing for my bag to be waiting on me, but we came home to an empty foyer.  

I left Jodi sleeping to go to the market at the Bastille, this is near where I have stayed before and this is my second favorite market, as well as near a bank where  I know I can get money with my ATM.  Many of the ATMs here will not take my American ATM card, something about  a chip.  I bought some fruit and cheese but my cookin man was not there and I was dissaopinted not to be able to puchase a yummy prepared lunch.  The male vendors were in full force, flirting for a sale and the women vendors are just impatient with another female.  Starving I arrived back to the apartment to Jodi still asleep and no bag! Apparently the sofabed is comfy enough for both of us!

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