Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Invasion: Golden Arches and St. Valentine's Day!

This morning started with snow! Augh, I thought I escaped it! The weather forecast said 40’s, not 30’s! I did not have the backbone to go out in the snow to get croissants! So we went to a Brioche Doree for a quick bite. I KNOW better than to hit up fast food, French or American, and yet I did it. The whole thing was a hoot, I only wanted water to drink, but with the typical ability of the French to be passive aggressive, no one would refill the empty water pitcher. I stood and stood, and finally decided that maybe if I made myself a big enough pain they would get it for me just to get rid of me, but no! So finally the manager came out and I asked him to fill the pitcher, he did, but once I was seated the pitcher disappeared! LOL

BHV with is by the Hotel Du Ville is a HUGE department store and I like it as much, maybe more than Sanmartine ( I don’t know it is closed for renovation for 5 years and I am beginning to forget......).

What I like about BHV is that I can buy french CD’s there and even more importantly listen to the music prior to purchase. I had seen a female singer advertised in the Metro and thought, maybe? Since I could listen I have been saved from the sounds of a drunk cat who just fell, if you get my drift. I did buy some great stuff, though I am not sure Megan shares my point of view. So far she has not told me that I have to turn it off! We shopped and shopped for quite a while. After investigating each flow with the precision of a good SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) we went on out merry way.

We strolled up the Rue Du Rivoli and ended up in the local C&A, we browsed along the way. Megan noticed the humor of the “Golden Arches” FInally we jumped on the Metro and went to the Laduree near the Madeline for a snack. I had Marie Antoinette Tea and Macarons. Megan had cafe au liat and a eclair. It is a lovely atmosphere. St. Valentines day is everywhere, in the athletic shoe stores, in the patisseries, stationers and even in the Bridal Shoppes. We then strolled back looking at the souvenir shops along the Rue du Rivoli and took the Metro home. After a brief rest we were hungry so we made use of the list Jan left and moseyed to the Blue Elephant. It is a Thai restaurant located very near the apartment. It was rather expensive, i thought, but good. I had Thom Ka Kahi soup and a bowl of rice to mix in, it was very good. The decor was lovely and the people there had gone out of their way to decorate for Valentines day! While we were there I had a birds eye view of a dapper French fellow with 3 beautiful “Women” He reminded me of Hugh Hefner and the “bunnies” out for Thai! On our way out the door we were each handed a lovely stem of orchids! Good food, lovely scenery and entertainment, maybe they charged for it all?

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