Sunday, February 7, 2010

Steak Tartare a la St. Valentin

We arrived, got here uneventfully, are oriented to the apartment, been to the ATM and have been to the market! For lunch Megan had a spinach and salmon quiche and I a pork tenderloin and mushroom dish we got from the guy I call the Deli man at the market!

After Megan took a bath and I prissed around in the apartment and got all my stuff stowed, we went to Notre Dame for the pre-vespers organ concert. On the way there in the Chatelet metro station was the same bunch of musicians from last May playing classical music that fills the tunnels of the metro with glorious classical music. Each week at Notre Dame have a guest organist and the concert is free. To my chagrin, this evening the organist had picked out some rather soothing music and some rather raucous music. So I would get almost soothed to sleep and then the erie, dissonant organ cords would begin again! Megan got a kick out of watching (and participating) people dozing off and then heads shoot to attention over and over with the cadence of the music. We decided to skip vespers rather than sleep through it. We strolled down the street beside the cathedral to one of my favorites places to get coffee or hot chocolate in Paris, Le Fleur en Isle. The place was packed and why not, my hot chocolate was fabulous and it was warm in side!

We set for Monoprix, as there is not a heck of a lot to TP in the house, but it was closed and Megan had to visit the WC and guess what. None available to tourists! So dinner was in store at Bofinger. IT was so fun, they seated us immediately ( the benefit of being here in the winter) and Megan asked where the rest room was. Before I could respond the waiter told her that there was not one. The look on her face was priceless! He flirter with us all evening. Gotta love those French men! Megan was able to live into her dietary preferences as was I. She had Lobster Bisque, Salmon with noodles and shared an apple and hazelnut clafouti. I had Fois Gras, followed by Steak Tartare. My steak tartare was brought to me in the shape of a heart! Just mine too, we watched a dozen other go by and not one was as lovely as mine!

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