Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday January 6, 2010 12:00

Thursday evening I drove home from my manicure quite self satisfied. I had had a massage the Friday before, my toes pampered and my hair pinked up on Saturday, and today my fingers are glossily beautiful. I was ready to see my other love, Paris. Self satisfaction NEVER is a good thing for me, things always fall apart after. Always. So a few minutes later when my phone rang and Orbitz TLC was telling me that my flight, that was not due to take off for over 24 hours, was cancelled, I was not surprised. Now about 36 hours later I am sitting in Chicago’s O’Hare airport rather than at the craft market near the apartment in Paris. That 36 hours included a two and a half stint on the phone with an impatient young woman at the Orbitz office, sleeping in ( at least until 6:00 rather than 4:00) in disgust, and a winter snow storm. That storm required shoveling, once, twice and again this morning. Fortunately I am surrounded by angels with the faces of LIsa, JOdi and a couple of neighbor hood kids. THese angels helped, assisted and just did it for me. This morning I did manage in my frustration to take a moment and enjoy the beauty of the quiet pristine blanked of diamonds that covered the earth. And then I scooped them up and threw them aside.

I will believe until I hear it form God’s own voice that our plane was used in another way and not really grounded due to bad weather! I think that it made a trip to Miami instead of Philadelphia. That rather chaps my derriere as I really have no use for football ( yes I have been to a game or two and I do enjoy looking at the gluteal aspect of the players) begin with and to think that is was used to promote drunken revelry ( thanks Laura) rather than to take me any my friend Megan to Philly, Well that adds insult to injury. What really made e angry though was that if I am correct in my thinking the airlines lied to me and that makes me MAD! But Cie la Vie, I am sure that others will lie to me before life if over and we are on our way!

8:32 PM Indianapolis time

The chaos continues! I am in seat 39 J, at the back of the plane, Megan and I are separated, there is no one beside me, but why invite her back to this hell? The “gentlemen” in front of me both have their seats reclining to the max, so I am kissing their seats, and have no way to escape! I would try to sleep lying down a little but there it this large round protuberance stinking out from the arm rest.

I am beginning to wonder whose wheaties I have voided in? Seriously, Jodi promised me this morning that it would all get better from the airport, maybe she meant at Charles De Gaul. The Airline staff were better suited to roles in the US Army than as customer service representatives! And I am amazed at the myriad of ways United Airlines had managed to nickel and dime their customers to death. This all has be bamboozled.

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