Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eating at the Eiffel Tower in New Boots

This morning, late, was another fabulous Parisian breakfast. Cheese, Croissant, Chausson au Pomme, Pear and Orange and Cafe au lait. Finally we got up, moving and walked to the MOno Prix, I think Megan loved it! We bought some groceries that we could not buy at the market, shopped and poked until we had our bellies full. We both bought a pair of boots on the way back, poked and snooped in several shoppes and then came back had some gouda crackers and a glass of the wine we had purchased at the Monoprix. We both had to wear our new boots to dinner at the Tour Eiffel, Megan’s new blue suede and my black leather! We were quite a pair! We got there, with 1800 reservations and to my consternation were sold a ticket for 1630, The two little twits at the gate were pretty unhelpful and finally I asked a young woman in the Eiffel Tower uniform of the day about our ascent and she said she thought we were in the right place and that seating was not until 1900. We waited in the cold a while, and she came back and told me ( Megan had popped into the gift shop) that we were in the correct place that that they would not serve until 1900 anyway, so we were good. She was so kind!

The Eiffel Tower restaurants are newly under the management of Alain Ducasse, and I was a little uncertain about quality. It is better than ever, We had pre purchased our dinner and I was a little concerned about beverages, being nickeled and dimed to death. But no, my fears were nutty! I had Foi Gras with a fabulous grape pear marmalade, and Megan had smoked salmon with a potato waffle, We both had seared scallops with braised endive, and polenta with chestnuts, followed by a ‘’Crousti Eiffel’’ chocolat/pralinĂ© for me and a Vacherin poire/marron for Megan. We had a glass of Champagne to start, a free flowing bottle ow wine and when we did not leave in time for the next service they moves us and the bottle of wine to another comfortable accommodation in the restaurant! The waiter was a cutie and he treated us well, very well! All in all a very good expenditure!

On the way out I had to make a honorary visit to the bathroom for Joey and while I was there I found a fabulous new hand dryer, the only one better in the states is the one at Chicago's Pizza. This one, however, did not blow the skin off your face while it is blowing!

After we were going to have a carousel ride, but alas it was closed for the evening. ON the way I found, though, that Jodi could come here and reinvent street repair as they are still painting the cross walks by hand! What? Megan wanted to help! What a fun evening. When we got back here Megan wanted just one tinsey drink more so we went to the place I watched a cute little gray MOuse in May and she bought a princely Gin Fizz. Princely because the bill precipitously made her fall out of her chair! LOL Only in Paris is a fine wine less expensive than a gin drink!

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