Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 14 and 21, 2010: Loosing my Copper pot


What a morning so far. When we packed last night I choose to carry my new copper pot on board, to protect it. I protected it all right, I protected it so well, that they took it away form me in security. I really don’t know what the hell anyone thought I was going to do with it. What, me a fifty year old woman clobber someone with a copper pot on a flight to the us? All I could really do it it in a violent manner is irritate the hell out of someone, but really hurt them? Seriously Can you see the headline? My cute little copper pot in which I had fantasies of making carmel or some fabulous sauce. They just took it away, my French totally escaped me and conveniently no one spoke English. Finally after I cried enough they send me to the US Airways desk and some one there will keep it for a month if I can find someone to go to the airport and mail it back for me, or someone who is traveling who will check it. This was after I had to already paid a $50.00 surcharge on my bag because it was too heavy. This cute little copper pot is beginning to cost as if I had birthed a child in France rather than just tried to buy a pot. What I can not figure out, seriously is what the danger is with the pot. If I think about it It still makes me cry two hours later. Damn it it was my BD present from my parents. I Am seriously reconsidering my future views on air travel, they nickel and dime you to death, and then treat you like a terrorist. What I am saying is I am not feeling the friendly skies any more.


Retrospectively I am still mad, sad and hurt over my pan. I think Julia will go fetch it for me, but what a headache for her! It is not a cheap trip, it will take a few hours and then she will still have to mail it when she gets back to Paris! But at least I did not have the chance to clobber anyone with it! As if, the whole idea was to keep it from getting dented! Like I would want anyones head print on it!

We got on the plane and I put my tray table down to write the above and the dratted thing would not come down correctly, it was if they had slapped in some seats that did not go together. Then in an effort to console myself I started watching a movie, which might have been good, but two thirds or the way through they had a technical difficulty. Customs was a breeze, actually even a pleasure due to the man at the counter, he joked, and flirted his way through his job, having fun, still doing his job, and making our experience the best ever. I thinks they should let him train! Rather than the dour faced people that one usually meets, He was the sunshine in our day up to that point!

I got home to Roses, Balloons, Candy, Cards, and Teddy bears that sing and that do not. It was good to be home and that was indeed the highlight of my day!

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