Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday February 13: Bows, Frozen Toes and Last DInners

I was having a lot of angst about buying the purse Jodi told me she would get for me for Valentines day. The one from yesterday that could have been a financial disaster, the cute black one, with a bow, that is so perfect, and so expensive. I kept thinking about the cost, that I had seen a cute one earlier in the week for a lot less at BHV and so, Megan and I went to BHV before heading to the Fifth. I had a look but it did not have a shoulder strap, and not really a bow. At least I had satisfied my curiosity. We exited the metro and Megan endured a mini lecture about St. MIchael prior to picking up a couple of last minute souvenirs. Then we wandered into a Creperie St. Andre des Artes and had a delicious mushroom and swiss crepe and hot tea. It was blessedly cold but we headed back out into the streets to have a look at the bag. There were a few Irish gents with some French friends wandering too, apparently they were there for a soccer game. Megan was cute, fliritng with them, and a couple of them were truly adorable! To get to Max (the purse store) we had to bid them farewell and good luck, which they said they did not need because of their skill. I bet they won their game!

I bought the purse! She is a cutie, all soft supple leather, huge in side, with great pockets, a shoulder strap and a lovely bow! I was already dreaming of where everything would go in the purse, but we were on our way to the D’Orsay. We choose to walk as there is not a great way to metro to the museum from where we were. It was still bitterly cold, but we did have hand warmers with us and that helped. When we got to the museum there was a line outside due to security checks, and we did about freeze. There was a guy there selling hot chestnuts and they smelled heavenly. Inside the museum still feels the same though everything was moved around due to renovation on one part of the museum. Lovely paintings by Renoir, Monet and Degas all crammed together with people crammed in between trying their best to see. There was one painting called the Origin of the World that I had to take pictures of for class! Yes, look that one up if you are bored! Seriously, don’t it is a shocker, a picture of a woman’s genitals and even I felt a little perverted taking a photo of it. But it will be great for class!

We went back to the apartment to rest and thaw a bit.

For dinner we headed back to Bofinger, I had Pumpkin Soup with chestnuts, Duck leg over potatoes and mushrooms with a lovely sauce, and we shared a chocolate mousse for dessert. This was accompanied by a lovely Bordeaux, good nose, legs and taste! Sigh.....

Back to Packing!

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