Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowfall in Paris

Market day at La Grenelle Piquette is my favorite, I like it better than all the others, even the one near the apartment on Boulevard Richard Lenoir. When we emerged from the Metro today it was snowing, big plump juicy flaked that stuck to our hair. It was lovely!

Once inside the market, which is covered for the most part by the metro which at this point runs above the street, we hardly noticed. I found another pair of lovely red shoes!, just like my green ones. So comfy! Of course I had to purchase a scarf or two and we found these great hair “thingies” that the lady showed us how to use, AND gave us a deal! I bought some more fois gras and we just snooped! My great clothing guy was not there this time, but how can one tell in a market with a coat on what will fit and not anyway? I am curious to know what these lovely blue flowers are, so if anyone has any idea, let me know!

Monoprix was next, I left home with enough room in my suitcase to import some of that wonderfully smelly Peach and Lilac toilet paper. Megan laughed and then decided to purchase some for a friend who is a GI physician. No so funny after all!

There is a store on Rue Cler which had a item I wanted from last May and we walked to it just in case they might still have it. Alas they did not, but the walk took us by the Eiffel tower which was lovely with the Champs du MArs covered in show! There is a lovely flower shop which had all its goods out to be blanketed in the precipitous snow. The roses were draped in show, and someone had taken the time to build a tiny snowman right there! Of course the shop is trying to make sure that they have plenty of opportunities for lovers with Valentines day approaching.

I wanted to see if the pizza tarts from the patisserie around the corner were as good as I remembered and so for lunch I had a pizza tart and salad, Megan had a Salmon and Cucumber Pita sandwich.

Resting led us right back out into the frigid weather and more cold as went to the Cluny . It had snowed more and the streets were actually a little slick! Visiting the Cluny again, gave me the opportunity to find the fine print, small things, expressions you might miss on a first run through. Gazing at the Lady and Unicorn Tapestries are always special, though I think Megan was ready to go long before I. I never fail to be enchanted with the expressions on the faces of the Lady and her maid, the Unicorn, Lion and other animals in the patisseries. To be as old as they are and to have the hughes that are present still in the fabric, the vibrant colors also always amaze me.

We have a mutual friend (that could be a song) whose sister is teaching English here, so we met Julia for dinner at Le Bistro D’Henri. It was a quiet little place where the menu is still on a chalkboard that is carried form table to table. There are about twelve tables, maybe! On the walls I noticed that some of the painting resembled the people who worked there! The amusee bouche (a little goodie one often gets before a meal heres) was some local summer sausage. Julia and I had the Margaret de Canard in a honey sauce, which came with some fabulous potatoes. Megan had Sea Bass and the same potatoes, she reports that it was good. For dessert we shared a compote of pear and plums. A nice way to finish the meal. The price was right, the atmosphere charming and the food good, a successful suggestion, Julia!

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